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Hello nail art enthusiasts!  I am in the midst of April showers bring May flowers right now.  The weather just can’t make up its mind.  One day it’s hot and sunny out, and the next day it’s cold and raining.  I suppose that’s spring in some locations for you.  I don’t have a lot of experience working with dry glitter mixes, but I see so many beautiful nail designs using them.  There are many places to get these kinds of mixes but I chose Glitter Boutique Canada since I’ve seen them shown in several YouTube channels I watch.  Glitter Boutique is a small business based in Canada and they do ship to the US.  There are so many options of mixes, that it was hard to narrow it down to just a few.  Each of the glitter mixes come in a resealable plastic baggie with a weight of 7-8 grams of product.  I decided to get ones that would work for the upcoming spring and summer seasons.  Not only does Glitter Boutique sell various sizes and shapes of glitters, they also sell chromes, foils, gems/stones, and decals.  Keep reading to see the descriptions and thoughts of my order.


Chameleon Blue/Aqua Hexagon


First up is the Chameleon Blue/Aqua Hexagon glitter.  This contains 3 hexagonal sizes from tiny to small/medium.  They shift from a dark blue to a light aqua.  I like the mix of sizes in this mix.  The varying sizes would make it easy to use just this glitter and be able to fill in gaps, if that’s what you wanted.  This color mix would be great in ocean or water nails.  Of course you can mix and match with other glitters to really make a dimensional nail.


Chameleon Green/Gold Shards


Next up is the Chameleon Green/Gold Shards.  There are multiple sizes of irregular shaped shards that shift from green to gold.  The sizes of the pieces overall are smaller than the other hexagonal and rounds glitters that I purchased in this order.  When I saw this mix I immediately thought of St. Patrick’s Day nails.  As you can see in the nail picture on the right, I incorporated them into the design but I didn’t want them overpowering the marble.


Chameleon Green/Rose Shards


I have to admit, the Chameleon Green/Rose Shards really caught my eye when I saw the mix online.  These irregular shaped shards come in varying sizes and shift from dark green to teal, gold, and a rose pink.  This mix is my favorite out of the order.  I paired this mix with a milky white geode type nail.  The whitish background of the nails really help the colors in this mix to pop in my opinion.


Chameleon Teal/Purple Shards


The Chameleon Teal/Purple Shards is another mix that really catches the eye.  This mix contains varying sizes of irregular shards that shift from dark blue to teal, dark purple, pink and silver.  This is another mix that would be great for ocean or water themed nails.  This would work well for galaxy nails as well.


Endless Romance


I spotted Endless Romance and saw Valentine’s Day nails.  There are multiple hexagonal sized from tiny to medium that are a matte light blue, but also iridescent depending on how the light hits them.  There are 2 sizes of heart shapes that are multiple shades of pink.  In the picture on the right, you can see how this mix is perfect for a Valentine’s Day look.


Pink Cheetah


Pink Cheetah for me is a staple mix.  My favorite color is pink and pink, black and white nails seem to always look good.  This mix has 3 hexagonal sizes from tiny to a small/medium in a light baby pink, white and black matte.  I can’t wait to use this mix in a look.


Sweet Dreams


Sweet Dreams is a mix that screams Easter and spring.  This mix contains medium circle glitters in pastel blue, purple, pink, yellow, and peach.  There is also iridescent glitters in shards and hexagonal shapes of varying sizes.  I am hoping to get in a look that includes this mix soon.



I also received this small container of glitter as a thank you.  I couldn’t find a mix on the site to compare it to.  This mix is a tiny yellow and iridescent yellow with a little bit of coppery gold sprinkled throughout.  It is a fine glitter and would be great to incorporate and fill in behind larger complementary mixes.


My Thoughts

I really liked all of the glitter mixes I purchased.  There are so many mixes that it is difficult to narrow it down!  I did remove them from the bags and put them in some clear round containers for easier storage and being able to see the mixes well.  Shipping was fast which is always nice when you’re expecting nail mail and you can support a small business.  I can’t wait to incorporate these mixes into future nail designs.  If you want to see what they have for you, check out their website Glitter Boutique Canada.  Any nail design ideas you’d like to see using these mixes?  Comment below and let me know.

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