Jewels Royale Nail Stamping Kit Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  This review is coming a little late, but with this nail stamping plate, you can use it any time of year.  This is the China Glaze Jewels Royal Nail Stamping kit.  This kit comes with everything you need to start stamping minus the stamping polish.  There is a stamping plate, a scraper and a clear stamper.  But how well does this kit perform?  Keep reading to get my opinion on this kit.


The Stamping Kit


For testing of this kit, I only used the kits contents and stamping polish from Clear Jelly Stamper, Twinkled T, and Born Pretty.  I wanted to test how everything worked without using other stampers or scrapers and so on.  I prepped each nail tip with 2 coats of polish from the China Glaze Jewels Royale collection.  I’ll start by saying I was a little hesitant because the images on this plate are etched shallow in comparison to some other plate brands.  However, this didn’t affect how the images picked up or stamped.  I was pleasantly surprised.  In between each stamp, I did use acetone to clean the plate.  This plate has a black plastic backing that is acetone resistant, so it didn’t melt or anything when I was cleaning it.  The stamper stamped well and worked nicely.  It is a clear jelly stamper and it wasn’t too big or too small.  It also wasn’t too stiff or too squishy.  I didn’t like the bottom being enclosed only for the reason of acetone or polish getting on it.  If acetone or polish does happen to get on it, then you won’t be able to see through the bottom to stamp.  The scraper worked fine, however, I prefer a slightly larger and just slightly stiffer scraper.  As you can see in the second picture, it stamped the designs just fine.


My Thoughts

Overall this is a great little kit.  It is a good kit to get if you are just starting out or if you just want to add to your stamping collection.  I have plenty of extra stampers and scrapers myself.  I do recommend being careful with the stamper so that way it doesn’t get any polish or acetone/remover on it.  You want to be able to see where and what you are stamping!  I also recommend using stamping polish.  Stamping polish is more pigmented than regular polish is which helps with picking up and transferring the images nicely to the nail.  There are lots of fun designs on this plate to create a regal manicure.  Pick this kit up from our website.


Nail Necessities

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