Born Pretty Mirror Rose Gold Nail Glitter Review

Rose Gold Mirror Powder Review

I purchased this Born Pretty Mirror Rose Gold Glitter nail art directly from the Born Pretty website. This particular product was available in their US warehouse, so it didn’t take long to receive. The website currently shows it for $1.79 and can be purchased here

It is a chrome/mirror effect product that comes in a little plastic container. Be sure to have something under it while working because this can be a bit messy.  I used a Twinkled T Glamour Mat on my workspace to help keep the glitter powder fallout on the mat instead of all over my table. I will be doing a review of that mat later on.

Want to learn more about the TwinkledT Glamour Mat?  Check out my full review here TwinkledT Glamour Mat Review


I applied the powder using 3 different methods-an eyeshadow applicator, a cosmetic wedge, and a silicone tool. For me personally, the eyeshadow applicator or the silicone tool worked best. I used clear plastic swatch sticks to apply 2 coats of gel polish color and then a no-wipe top coat.  I have read some people using a top coat that leaves an inhibition or tacky layer, then rubbing the powder into the tacky layer. That method didn’t work for me as it just seemed to “gum” up the powder, so I stuck with the no-wipe top coat.

I tried the powder with 4 base colors-black, red, light pink and a white. It doesn’t take much to cover the entire nail so a little goes a long way.  I found that if you pat some on first, then start to buff it in you get better coverage.  Depending on how light/dark you want the rose gold color to be would depend on your base coat color.  Once you’re happy with the coverage, use something like a soft fluffy brush or a clean cosmetic sponge to wipe off the excess powder.  Removing the excess powder helps to give it more of the “mirror” finish instead of looking more glittery.  Final step put a gel top coat on.

Final Thoughts

I love this product!  My favorite color is pink so that is a plus.  There are many designs you could do using it and I look forward to playing with this powder more and incorporating it into more designs.  You could do a reverse stamp design with this or rub the powder on a stamper then stamp with polish.

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