Morgan Taylor Full Bloom Spring 2022 Swatch and Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  Many new spring collections are coming out and I’m excited.  Spring collections are one of my favorites because I like pastels and the freshness that spring brings after winter time.  I really like pastels on my toes, and with warmer weather coming, it’s time to get my feet ready for sandals.  We started carrying Morgan Taylor polishes on our website last year, but this is my first swatch and review of a Morgan Taylor collection.  Morgan Taylor Professional Nail Lacquer is inspired by luminous pearls, raw gems, semi – precious stones, glimmering silvers, and radiant gold all drawn from the earth. All pigments are saturated, pure, and finely milled for luminous metallic, never before seen shimmers, decadent crèmes, stunning sheers, and more glistening glitters.  They are free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.  There are 6 shades in this collection and all of them look pretty.  Keep reading to see what I think about it.


Best Buds


Best Buds is a light blue crème with some gray tones to it.  It reminds me of a spring sky just after a rain storm.  It was surprisingly opaque on the first coat as well as how shiny it was without a top coat.  This was opaque in 2 coats for the hand swatch and was easy to apply.


Bloom Service


Bloom Service is a dusty teal green crème.  This color is like peacock feathers.  Even though its darker, it really fits in with the spring color palette.  This applied nice and creamy.  This was opaque in 2 coats and was also shiny without a top coat.


Feeling Fleur-ty


Feeling Fleur-ty is a light pink jelly base with multi colored iridescent irregular shards of glitter.  It catches the light very nicely.  This is sheer and meant for a topper, however I did get it close to opaque in 4 coats and it was a breeze to apply.  Unless you like the texture, with the shards of glitter, I definitely recommend a top coat to keep things smooth.


I Lilac What I’m Seeing


I Lilac What I’m Seeing is a dusty purple mauve crème.  This is a perfect color for those at the office who can’t wear bright or bold colors.  This color looks like those purple succulents you see in garden nursery stores.  This was fairly opaque in the first coat and applied easily.  The swatch photo is 2 coats and same as the other colors so far, it was shiny without a top coat.


Pick Me Please!


Pick Me Please! is a light peachy pink crème with a purplish blue shimmer.  Once on the nail, the shimmer is hard to see.  When I saw this color, I thought of the blossoms on many trees in the spring from some types of cherry blossoms to ornamental peach tree blossoms.  This is a little sheer and took 3 coats for full coverage but was easy to apply.  This was also shiny without a top coat.


Plant One On Me


Plant One On Me is a rose warm toned pink crème.  It applied nice and easy.  This color is so reminiscent of many floral blooms.  This was opaque in 2 coats.  This was also shiny without a top coat.


My Thoughts

I was really happy with this collection.  Morgan Taylor has wide flat brushes which I prefer making it easier for me to apply the nail polish.  The colors were shiny without adding top coat, but I would still add top coat to extend the wear of the polish.  I feel like the colors tell a good story and are perfect for spring.  All of the polishes were easy to apply and were creamy.  Can you guess my favorite colors from this collection?  Pick Me Please! is my absolute favorite, but I actually like them all.  This is a great collection to pick up for spring.  Get one or get them all on our website.

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