Born Pretty Black Mirror Powder Review

Black Mirror Powder Review

I purchased this Black Mirror powder from the Born Pretty website. I ordered the 1g size for $2.09. You can purchase it directly from their website here “Born Pretty Mirror Black Powder”  It may not seem like it, but you get a lot of product since not much is needed to achieve the effect.  It came with a little eyeshadow applicator which is convenient.

Before starting I highly recommend having something down on your work surface that cleans up easily as this powder is fine and can get all over the place.  I had my TwinkledT Glamour Mat down so it stayed on the mat and was easy to clean up with some acetone. Also, I had a fluffy brush to wipe away the powder left on the nails and hands.

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I did did a black, light pink and white swatch just to see this effect over other colors.  I painted 2 coats of gel color on each swatch stick and then 1 coat of no-wipe top coat.  Next I used the eyeshadow applicator to pat some product on, then I rubbed and buffed it in.  Over the black it gives a gunmetal mirror effect to it, not silver even though some of the photos may look a little silver.  Over the other 2 colors it gave them a darker, smoky effect.  None of the mirror swatches have any additional top coat on them and they were still super shiny.  I put a plain black swatch with top coat on in the mix so you can see the difference in blacks and the shininess.  I would recommend top coating them to ensure the powder doesn’t chip or come off with normal wear and tear.

Final Thoughts

All in all this is a cool product and is easy to use.  I did find that it left a small stain on my glamour mat.  It took a few times of using acetone to remove it.  For me personally, I don’t think I would put this over anything but black or a dark color.  The coverage appeared patchy on the lighter colors I swatched.  That may just be my application.  I’ll have to think of some ways to incorporate this product into my future nail designs.

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