Born Pretty Neon Pigment Powder Review


Hello nail art lovers!  In this post I am reviewing the Born Pretty Neon Pigment Powders.  I purchased 3 of these from the Born Pretty website.  The colors I ordered are #2, 3 and 4.  If you are interested you can purchase them directly from their website here “Born Pretty Neon Pigment Powder“.  Shipping does take a little bit of time so keep that in mind.  They came well packaged and included an eyeshadow applicator with each color.

Swatching the Neon pigment powders


I started by working over my “TwinkledT Glamour Mat“.  Anytime I’m working, I have this mat down to catch product and make for an easier clean-up.  I highly recommend having something on your work surface that makes for an easy clean-up.  For these particular swatches I applied a clear base gel and cured it.  I left the sticky layer and then using the applicator, I buffed the color on.  I did not press hard when buffing because I didn’t want to start “gumming up” the powder.  This method worked well for me.  I only did one layer for these swatches.  They are somewhat see-through on the swatch stick but are very pigmented.  The first photo I left it matte.  The second photo I applied a gel top coat.  For the third photo, I used “Wildflowers Stamping Gel” in white and applied the pigment to the image.  These pigments don’t glow in the dark but they were glowing in my led lamp.


Want to learn more about the TwinkledT Glamour Mat?  Check out my full review here TwinkledT Glamour Mat Review

My Thoughts

First I must say I was surprised at the amount of powder in the containers.  It is quite a bit.  Having ordered several powder-type products from Born Pretty before, the amount of product was generous.  The colors are bold and bright.  I bought these specifically for use with stamping.  I have a special stamping gel in black and white that is really sticky so you can add pigments, powders or glitters to the stamped design.  These pigments worked perfectly for this purpose.  Although I haven’t tried it, I also believe they would blend well.  As I was applying the pigments to the stamped design, I accidentally got some pink on the blue applicator and it smudge a little purple.  I can’t wait to play with these more and create designs as we get closer to summer.


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