Twinkled T Stamping Polish Review


Hello nail art lovers!  I am reviewing Twinkled T Stamping Polish.  It was so exciting to purchase these and receive them in the mail.  I have been wanting to try them out for myself after seeing many other people use them and say how well they performed.  Vibin’ and Glow Up (black and white) are the colors I purchased first.  Their polishes are vegan and cruelty-free and come in 10ml bottles.  Here is a link to the stamping polishes on their website.  “Twinkled T Stamping Polishes”  Let’s jump into this review!

The Outside Packaging


First let me say outside packaging aesthetics isn’t a big factor in my purchasing. As long as the product is good and it arrives undamaged and new, it’s on the bottom of my list as far as why I want to buy something.  However, this packaging caught my eye and attention.  The pink bubble mailer (pink is my favorite color) was so cute!  I’ve ordered many nail products and they didn’t come as pretty as this!  This got me anticipating how the contents inside were going to look.  Were they going to be as pretty as the outside?  YEP!  Inside everything was nicely packaged.  There was a nice thank you card inside as well.

Polish Boxes


The boxes that the polish came in did not disappoint!  They are fun and whimsical and inspired my creativity. The caution on the back is playful and I chuckled while reading it.  “Caution: The contents of this bottle have been known to cause overt happiness and possible squealing”.  The ingredients are also listed here.

The Stamping Polishes


The polish bottles are nice.  They have a good weight to them.  The lid is a good shape and size as well.  Now let’s get to what you all came here for….How well did they perform?  Excellent!  Both Vibin’ and Glow Up are very pigmented.  Vibin’ is a very deep black.  Glow Up is a bright white and is even whiter than my glamour mat!  I used my “Twinkled T Glamour Mat” to stamp the images onto.  I chose a lace plate with designs that had both large and small details.  As you can see the polishes worked great.  Both colors were stamped over a nail swatch with black and pink and white and pink gel polish.  There were no issues with smudging or dragging of the design.  I used a gel top coat over both nail swatches.

Want to learn more about the TwinkledT Glamour Mat?  Check out my full review here Twinkled T Glamour Mat Review

My Thoughts

I have only positive things to say about these polishes.  The 10ml bottles are a good size.  Black and white are the colors I use most so I know these are going to be my “go to” stamping polishes now.  They were super pigmented and stamped great.  I didn’t have a hard time at all with these polishes.  If the rest of the colors are anything like the ones I’ve purchased, then I’m sure they will perform just as well.  I do plan on ordering more colors in the future.  I highly recommend anyone to order from them.  Shipping was quick as I do live in the same state as the company.  And the packaging was great!  I won’t look at packaging the same now.


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