UR Sugar Potted Gel Review-Green Series


In this post I’m reviewing the UR Sugar potted gels in the green series.  There were 12 colors in this collection.  I have 9 of the 12 colors.  I purchased these from Ebay, but there are several places to find them. All of these swatches were done in 2 thin coats and then top coated.



First up are B002, B003 and B004.  Even though this is called the green series there are some blues in the mix.  B002 is like a light sea foam green.  B003 is a darker version of B002, like a medium sea foam green.  B004 is a blue that reminds me of crayola cerulean blue.  All applied easily and in 2 thin coats.



Next up are B005 through B007.  B005 is a periwinkle blue.  You can see some purple undertones to it.   B006 is like a muted olive green with some gray undertones.  B007 is a darker blue green color with gray undertones to it.  It’s hard to describe this color.  All of these applied easily as well and in 2 thin coats.

B009, B011 & B012


Finally are B009, B011 and B012.  B009 is a bright turquoise.  Almost like a robins egg blue just with more green undertones.  B011 is an olive green.  B012 is a light green.  It is similar to B002, but B012 has more green in it.


My Thoughts

I liked all of the colors in this series.  There were some colors that were similar but different shades or tones, however nothing that was the same.  These gels have a thin consistency but are quite pigmented considering.  All of them cured in 30 seconds in my led lamp.  I didn’t have any colors like these in my collection, so I liked them all.  Depending on peoples tastes, B009 may be a stand out color because it does remind me of a Tiffany blue-like color.  I hope you liked this review and found it helpful.


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