Born Pretty Aurora Nail Powder Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts! I have finally gotten around to doing a review of these gorgeous aurora effect nail powders.  You can find them on the Born Pretty website for $2.99 each color or $19.69 for all eight colors.  They are all meant to be put over a black base color.  I did not test them over any other base color.  Let’s dive into this review!



All of the powders came nicely packaged in small sealable plastic bags.  Each nail powder also came with it’s own applicator.  The containers themselves were sealed so there was no product leakage.  I labeled the colors before getting started so I would remember which was which.  All of the colors looked very vibrant.  A black gel base color, then a no-wipe top coat was applied prior to putting on the powders.  I used the applicators that came with the powders to rub and buff the powders on to the swatch.

The colors


Effect #1 is a reddish pink that shifts to gold and then to green depending on how the light hits it.  #2 is a green that shifts to a white gold.  The picture on the website shows that this color shifts to a peachy pink, but I didn’t see that when I applied the powder.


Effect #3 is a teal that shifts to green then to purple.  This is my favorite powder in this collection.  Effect #4 is a purple that shifts to blue and fuchsia.


Effect #5 is a pink-purple that shift to gold and green.  Effect #6 is a fuchsia that shifts to gold and green.  These colors are very similar but the tones are a little different.


Effect #7 is a blue that shifts to dark purple.  Effect #8 is a blueish purple that shifts to fuchsia.  These two colors are also very similar but the shifts are slightly different.


Here are all of the colors next to each other so you can see the similarities and differences.  The picture on the left is prior to a final top coat and the picture on the right is after a final top coat is applied.

Final Thoughts

These powders were the most vibrant I have come across where the base color is black.  Typically, the powders don’t show as bright as these did.  They all applied nicely.  Make sure to remove any excess powder prior to applying a final top coat to ensure that it will look more like “chrome” rather than glittery.  If you like powder effects you should definitely pick these up.  They are bright, beautiful colors and the shifts are stunning.


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  1. Everything looks absolutely beautiful. Looking forward to buying them and give them a try.

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