Wildflowers Glitters and Ombre Brush Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  It’s been a bit since my last post.  I had a project come up that took two weeks instead of the couple of days like I had planned for.  During that time I got some products in and one of them was my Wildflowers order.  I was really excited because I’ve been wanting to try their glitters for a while now.  I also ordered their ombré brush to try out since I’m been trying to master the gel ombré technique with a brush instead of a sponge.  I ordered the Micro-Lite Glitter starter set with the sifter jars for $39 and the Ombré Brush for $5.  Keep reading to see my thoughts.

The Packaging


The items came in this pretty teal/turquoise bubble mailer.  The glitters and the ombré brush were wrapped in this pretty floral tissue type paper.  Also inside was a card and a sample of “Palace” glitter.  All of the items were packaged with care and came intact.

The Goodies Inside


Once I unwrapped the tissue paper, the glitters were in a nice box and the ombré brush was in its own plastic brush container. The glitters each had a plastic protective film covering the sifters.  There is a tab that makes for easy removal of these films.  The lids screw on and off easily and the clear top helps to show the colors inside. The ombré brush doesn’t have a cap so I kept the plastic holder it came in.

The Glitters


These glitters are from the Micro-lite collection and each jar contains 4grams.  The colors are Grinch, Iris, Satin, Rosey, Frost, and Velvet.  They are all holographic glitters.  I couldn’t get the camera to pick up just how sparkly these glitters are.  All of the glitter colors are beautiful.  The sifters are a great option for me.  It prevents too much glitter coming out at once so that none of this precious product is wasted.  The Palace glitter sample is stunning.  There are a mixture of sizes of glitter pieces ranging from dust to small hexagonal shapes.  There are several colors as well.  Some are translucent color glitters and some are holographic.  It’s just a beautiful glitter mix.

The Ombré Brush


I’m new to the ombré technique using an ombré brush.  This brush has more fine bristles than my other brush.  I wasn’t sure if this was good or bad.  Although the brush didn’t come with a lid, I store my brushes flat or upright, so using the plastic container it came it with worked fine.  Since it was bigger than the brush, it prevents the bristles from getting smushed or bent.  The bristles are nice and per the website should be cleaned with isopropyl alcohol.

Quick Swatches


I did some quick swatches using the glitters.  One whole nail I did using the Satin glitter.  I just did a base gel base coat and sprinkled the glitter into the base coat and cured.  Then I applied a gel top coat.  On the second nail I did stripes with each of the remaining glitter colors.  For the last nail, I used Wildflowers stamping gel with one of my plates.  Using the Wildflowers scrubby brush, I dabbed the 5 colors on to the design in an ombré effect.  This technique is the main reason for purchasing these glitters.  I love how it looks.  The last two nails I did using the ombré brush and two colors on each nail.  It was easier using this brush compared to the other one I have.  I did both a dabbing and a whisping back and forth motion to achieve this look.  It will still take some time and practice getting used to this method.  Not bad for my first time using this brush.  I applied gel top coat to the last two nails.

Final Thoughts

I love the products I purchased in this order.  I can’t wait to order some more of their glitters.  They are beautiful and pigmented.  I would recommend purchasing some.  They can be used in so many ways.  I like the ombré brush as well.  I do like that it has more fine bristles than my other brush.  This seems to help me with make the ombré more seamless and I can do it quicker.  I will keep practicing until I get it down.  I highly recommend checking out their website and purchasing some of their products.  Everything I have purchased so far has been of great quality and I really enjoy the products.

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