UR Sugar Potted Gel Review-Nude Series


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  We are still staying home, so I’m trying to really pump out my reviews of products that I’ve had.  In this review, I have the UR Sugar potted gel Nude series.  Fortunately, I was able to purchase all 12 colors in this collection.  Most of the swatches are 2 coats and all are top coated.  Keep reading for more information on these gels.



First up are D001 through D003.  D001 is a light tan color.  D002 is a light peach color in three thin coats.  D003 is a medium tan.  The colors on the lids really don’t match the colors in the pots.



Now on to the next 3 colors in the collection.  D004 is a light coral.  D005 is like an eggshell white with a peach undertone.  D006 is a pale pink with a hint of a peach undertone and needed three coats.  The lids for these gels didn’t match well either.



The next three colors are D007 through D009.  D007 is a plum raisin color that has more of a red than purple undertone.  D008 is a medium mauve.  D009 is a medium taupe.  Again, the lid colors don’t really match the gel polish.



Last in this collection is D010 through D012.  D010 looks like D007 and D009 had a baby.  It is a medium brown with a purple undertone.  D011 is a medium gray beige or greige.  D012 is a light mauve similar to Zoya Rue.  Two of the lids kinda matched the gel polish colors.

Final Thoughts

As with the previous UR Sugar collections I’ve reviewed, the consistency is thin and runny.  However, the color does build up nicely in two coats for most colors, without adding too much bulk to the nail.  One thing I would say is to keep in mind to not go by the color on the lids.  Yes, different monitors can show different colors but in some cases the lids aren’t even close to the colors in the pots.  Personally, I thought this collection would be more pinky colored nudes.  I would still recommend them as they are a good price for what you get.  It’s getting harder to find the full collections in the pots, but on the Born Pretty website, you will see there are 7.5ml bottles that have essentially the same colors.


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