Young Nails Mission Control Gel Paints Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  I had recently purchased the Young Nails Mission Control Gel Paints and was excited to receive the package in the mail.  There are 12 colors and a micro detailer brush in this kit.  You can find this kit on Amazon.  I didn’t have any issues with packaging or leaking like some of the reviews stated.  Keep reading to see my thoughts on this product.

The Packaging


As I said before, I had no issues with packaging.  All of the gels came sealed and there were no leaks.  They came in this box along with the micro detailer brush.  The inside seal on the gel pots was fairly easy to get off cleanly in one shot without leaving too much of the seal behind.  On some pots the seal was easier to remove than others.  I like it when the seal comes off cleanly.  I looks nicer and helps keep the pots cleaner without product getting in the lid and making it messy.

The Colors


I swatched all of these colors in one coat and did NOT apply a top coat.  The colors cure shiny with zero tacky layer.  They are really pigmented and have a thicker consistency so apply the layers thin.  I swatch the colors on the top of the swatch stick to get a better idea of how they would apply on an actual nail.  Over Drive is a rich black that is a one coat black.  Fizz is a typical bright white.  I would recommend 2 coats if you’re applying to the full nail.  Power Up is a standard medium red.  This rich color is a one coat red.


Up next is Mega Jam which is a bright medium toned pink.  If you are going to use it as a full nail color, I would recommend 2 thin coats for full coverage.  Taser is a standard orange, although in the picture it looks more red.  I would also recommend 2 thin coats if you are going to use this as full nail color.  Molten is a pretty medium toned coral color which is more pink to the naked eye than in the picture.


Solar is a bright medium yellow which is another color that would need 2 thin coats for full nail opacity.  Clash is a bright yellowy green.  It is not quite neon but it’s bright.  Depending on your application, it could be opaque in one coat.  Giant is standard medium green that was opaque in one coat.


Sonic is a medium turquoise/teal.  It’s not too pastel and not too dark.  It was opaque in one coat.  Orbit is a pretty medium blue.  It was opaque for me in one coat.  Last in the collection is Clutch.  This is a medium chocolate brown.  It was opaque in one coat.

My Thoughts

I really like these gels.  The pigmentation is great.  You can use them for full nail colors or for details and artwork.  The colors cure very shiny and with no tacky layer.  The color on the lid matches what is in the pot.  This is nice because I store my gels in a drawer, so seeing the colors on the lid is helpful.  I have yet to use the brush, but when I do, I will give you my thoughts on it.

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2 thoughts on “Young Nails Mission Control Gel Paints Review”

  1. Can the colors in the Mission Control Gel Paints Kit be intermixed/blended to create new shades successfully? Asking because they are not true primary colors, and thus may not yield a true or clear new color that doesn’t appear muddy… would love your thoughts on mixing to make new colors.

    Thank you for this very informative review…

    1. Hello Judith,
      Thank you for your question. I have mixed a few colors with no issues so far. However, I haven’t mixed every color combination, so I can’t say all of them will have great results. I can work on more mixing and let you know the results, or if you have a specific color mixing request let me know.~Jenae~

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