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Hello nail art enthusiasts!  I purchased some more goodies from Twinkled T.  I received the package a few weeks back but I have been busy with a few projects around the house.  As usual, I was excited to get my nail mail.  Little by little, I keep adding to my Twinkled T collection.  Check out their website Twinkled T for all of their nail art goodies.  Keep reading to see what I thought of my latest nail package.

The Packaging


As always, they have great packaging.  The contents come well packaged and the boxes are so cute.  The Lace liquid latex box is a neat holographic blue.  The clear stamper packaging was cute.  It’s folded to look like a bow on top.  The stamping polish boxes are fun and whimsical.  I never really paid much attention to the packaging before just as long as the product worked.  That was until I received my first order from Twinkled T!  They really set the bar for me on that.

Crystal Double-Head Clear Stamper & Scraper


I don’t think one could have too many stampers or scrapers in their collection, so I wanted to add one from Twinkled T to my stash.  It comes with two heads.  One head is more flat and the other is more dome shaped.  I like how both stamper heads are protected from dust and dirt.  The crystal bottom adds a nice bling to the stamper which can be removed so you can see through when stamping your images.  The flatter head measures about 1.5 inches across, while the dome shaped one measures about 1 inch of stampable space.  The stamper heads have the same amount of squishy-ness.  One didn’t feel any firmer than the other.  Both heads stamped nicely.  In the stamped swatches, the dome shaped stamper was used on the left, and the flatter one on the right.



There are three more colors I purchased this go-round, Lit, Baby Shark and Volcanic. Lit is a primary red.  Baby Shark is a primary blue.  Volcanic is a deep brown.  I swatched all three over a black and white gel polish base.  They each stamped nicely.  Volcanic is a little more difficult to see over black, but it is a dark color so that is expected.  I really like Twinkled T’s stamping polishes, so there are no complaints here.

Cuticle/Finger Barrier


Last up is the Lace Liquid Latex.  I used to have some latex body paint from Amazon that I used to use, however, it dried up before I ever got to the end of the container.  It did work, but it was work to use it.  I found some polish bottle style at a local superstore and it works, but just okay.  I gave this a go and it works great!  The formula does stink, but not too bad.  You apply it like a polish around your finger.  It was easy to get close to the cuticles and sidewalls.  You will know it’s dry when it turns a darker teal color.  The latex peels off without breaking into smaller pieces which makes clean up a breeze.  If you do any type of messy nail art work like ombré and stamping, Lace is a must have.

My Thoughts

As usual, I’m loving all of my Twinkled T products.  I’m slowly but surely building my collection of their nail art supplies.  I definitely recommend getting at least a few of their stamping polishes.  They work great.  The stamper is good as well.  Even during the shutdown, I have received my orders quickly so THANK YOU TWINKLED T!  I have yet to try any of their nail vinyls, so maybe that will be something to get on my next purchase from them.

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