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Hello nail art enthusiasts!  I have been wanting to try out some new brands of gel that I’ve seen on various social media outlets.  One brand that I’ve seen is Valentino Beauty Pure.  They not only have gel polish, but also tons of acrylic colors and tools for doing your nails.  Since I don’t do acrylic nails, I was only interested in their gel polishes.  I actually placed two different orders.  The first order was to try out their black and white gel polish and the second order was for the Go Nude collection, a pretty pale pink that I spied, and their no wipe top coat.  Keep reading to see my thoughts.


My Orders


So I ordered 045-White and 048-Black on my first order.  I was impressed by how these applied that I decided to grab the Go Nude collection, 007-Passion and the No Wipe Top Coat.  Everything came nicely packaged and the collection came in a nice box.  Shipping was pretty fast on both orders.


Go Nude Collection

The Go Nude collection comes with 6 colors with a mix of sheer and opaque nude/neutral colors.  The colors are 162-Better Off Alone, 176-Call On Me, 177-Missing You, 178-Forbidden Fruit, 179-Kiss Me Thru The Phone, and 180-Hot In Here.  There were many more collections I’d like to try, but these colors spoke to me the most, so this is where I started.


162-Better Off Alone

162-Better Off Alone is a sheer peachy-pink nude.  It’s more on the warmer tone, but not too warm.  The formula is a little thicker than I’m used to but it was not hard to work with at all.  It was very creamy.  I applied 2 thin coats.  Now keep in mind, this is a sheer so it will not be opaque.


176-Call On Me


176-Call On Me is a somewhat opaque rosy pink crelly.  This is more of a neutral where it’s not too warm or cool toned.  Valentino Beauty Pure classifies it as an opaque, but I would say it is a crelly, or a creamy jelly.  It has more opaqueness than a sheer, but not as quite as opaque as a standard opaque color.  I used 2 coats for my swatches.  I would probably do a thin first coat, then float a second coat so there is no issues with shadowing.  This is a thicker formula as well, but it was easy to work with.


177-Missing You


177-Missing You is a dusty pink nude with just a hint of brown to it.  Valentino Beauty Pure classifies this as a sheer but it is pretty opaque for a sheer.  I would say it is more opaque than Call On Me.  I did 2 coats for the swatches and had full opacity.  This was creamy and easy to work with.


178-Forbidden Fruit


178-Forbidden Fruit is a brownish-pink creme.  Valentino Beauty Pure classifies this as a sheer/opaque which is funny since that is kind of an oxymoron.  This was definitely an opaque color.  I used 2 coats for the swatches and it applied nice and creamy.


179-Kiss Me Thru The Phone


179-Kiss Me Thru The Phone is a sheer light pink.  Now this color is right up my alley.  I do love me some light but bright baby pinks.  This color is buildable and you could float a second coat.  I did 2 coats for the swatches.  Also keep in mind, I use clear nail tips which will make colors appear more sheer than a natural nail would.


180-Hot In Here


180-Hot In Here is a sheer milky white.  I was really excite about this one because I didn’t have a milky white.  I always had to mix some white into a clear gel.  This makes my life much easier.  Even though the formula was thicker than I’m used to, it was still easy to work with.  I used 2 coats for my swatches.




007-Passion is a bright light pink with just a hint of a purple undertone so it makes it a cool toned pink.  Of course this one I spied and just had to have.  I’m always looking for a dupe to the OG Mod About You by OPI.  This is close but in gel formula.  This was opaque in 2 coats which is what I did in the swatch photos.  LOVE this color!




045-White is a bright very opaque white.  If you want a gleaming bright white, this is it.  The formula was creamy, and I did 2 thin coats.  This is very pigmented, so be sure to keep your coats thin.  I even did 1 coat over the black to show you how pigmented it is.  This will be my go to bright white!




048-Black is a dark deep black creme.  When applying some black gels, I notice there is another color tone to it such as brown.  I didn’t see that at all with this.  It is quite opaque, so make sure to do thin coats to ensure it cures properly.  I did 2 coats for my swatches.  This will also be one of my go to black gels for sure!


Top Coat

I used the Valentino Beauty Pure Non Wipe Gel Top Coat for all of these swatches.  It is super shiny and doesn’t need to be cleansed afterward.  The formula was thinner than my current preferred top coat, so I had to be careful not to flood my nails.  That being said, it didn’t leave a rubbery feeling afterwards like some other no wipe top coats I’ve used.  I don’t particularly care for the rubbery feeling.  I did wear the top coat for 2 weeks and I didn’t notice any discoloration or unusual wear compared to my current top coat.  I did notice that it seems to pit/separate when applying and applying more than one coat really didn’t help.  It was hit and miss on the pitting when I used it over all of the swatches.  I used it over one of the Go Nude colors my nails, so it wasn’t an issue with it being applied over a different brand gel.  I haven’t tried it over stamping to see how that works, but I will try in the future.  I will give it another go again.


My Thoughts


I loved all of the gel colors I purchased.  All of them are a thicker consistency than I’m used to, but that didn’t affect how well they applied.  I would say some almost have a builder in a bottle consistency.  My favorite color is 007-Passion, but I love all of the colors I purchased.  The black and white are spectacular and so opaque.  I’m not in love with their top coat, but that is ok.  The top coat pitted over some of their own gel colors.  Maybe I just got a bad bottle?  I will make sure to shake/mix it well, and try it again.  I will definitely be purchasing more colors from them in the future.  Check out all of the products they carry at Valentino Beauty Pure.

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