OPI Jewel Be Bold Winter/Holiday 2022 Swatch and Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  I have another swatch and review for you today.  This is the OPI Jewel Be Bold Winter Holiday Collection for 2022.  There are 15 polishes in this collection with a finish of every kind, so there is going to be something for everyone.  If you’ve read my previous posts, then you know OPI is one of my favorite brands, so I’m excited to swatch these polishes.  Let’s get started and see what I think.


Bring out the Big Gems


Bring out the Big Gems is a deep burgundy base with a gold shimmer.  The gold shimmer gives it a warmer feel.  This is a dark color on the nails, but not black looking.  It is a vampy color that could also be used for fall as well as winter.  The formula was thin, but I did get full coverage in 2 coats.


Charmed, I’m Sure


Charmed, I’m Sure is a fuchsia base with a fuchsia shimmer.  This is a cooler toned color and the formula was also thin.  On the first coat, it was sheer, but I did get full coverage in 2 coats.  The shimmer in this polish helps to give it a radiance and it helps it to glow on the nails.


Decked to the Pines


Decked to the Pines is a teal base with a gold shimmer so that it appears green.  This is like an evergreen color perfect for winter and the holidays.  Even though it it metallic, I didn’t have any issues with brush strokes.  This formula was also thin, but I got full coverage in 2 coats.


Feelin’ Berry Glam


Feelin’ Berry Glam is a dark boysenberry crème.  This is the only crème in the entire collection.  It had a creamy formula that was easy to apply.  It was opaque in almost one coat but I did 2 coats for the photos.


Go Big or Go Chrome


Go Big or Go Chrome is a silver metallic with a little larger silver flecks.  These larger silver flecks help the polish to really pop in the light and not be like every other silver metallic polish.  The formula was thin like some of the others, but I did get full coverage in 2 coats.


I Pink It’s Snowing


I Pink It’s Snowing is a purple-pink jelly base with various sized silver hexagonal glitters and a pink shimmer.  The pink shimmer definitely helps give this jelly base full coverage ability.  The jelly base also tints some of the silver glitters pink, but there is only silver glitters in here.  This gave me full coverage in 2 coats.


Merry & Ice


Merry & Ice is a pale pink base with an opalescent shimmer that reflects gold.  You know me and pale pinks, so this was one of my favorites from this collection.  It’s a dainty color that reminds of a color that would be in that game Candyland and would be good in the spring as well.  I got full coverage in 2 coats.


OPI’m a Gem


OPI’m a Gem is a black jelly base with teal blue shimmer and silver hexagonal glitters.  The blue shimmer even shows purple in some light.  The silver glitters kind of get dulled down due to the base, but this was another color I really liked.  The formula was kind of thick on this one, but you should get full opacity in 2 coats.  I was a little sloppy with my application, so it was a tad patchy.


Pink, Bling and Be Merry


Pink, Bling and Be Merry is a warm toned hot pink base with a hot pink pearl shimmer.  I think there may also be some tiny gold flecks as you can see in the macro shot.  The shimmer in this also gives it a glow on the nails.  Although the formula was thin, I did get full coverage in 2 coats.


Pop the Baubles


Pop the Baubles is a clear base with various sized silver and gold hexagonal glitters.  I would consider this is a topper polish only.  It would take too many sponged coats to even get close to getting opaque.  I applied one coat over Feelin’ Berry Glam.  This does make for a nice topper.  I didn’t have to fish for glitters or do any type of glitter placement.


Rhinestone Red-y


Rhinestone Red-y is a warm toned red base with silver and red flakes.  OPI classifies this as a pearl, but I would consider it almost a glitter.  The flakes set flat nicely and just make the red glow.  This is another favorite polish of mine from this collection.  It was opaque for me in 2 coats.


Sleigh Bells Bling


Sleigh Bells Bling is a warm toned gold metallic.  I do wish they would have put some bigger little gold flecks in it like they did with Go Big or Go Chrome.  I think that would have really made this color sparkle.  This is still a classic gold metallic though.  I got full coverage in 2 coats.


Snow Holding Back


Snow Holding Back is a sheer white base with an opalescent shimmer that reflects a greenish gold.  The shimmer is the same that is in Merry & Ice.  This is another polish that was not meant to be opaque.  I didn’t do any type of base color with this before applying it, but you could if you wanted.  The photo is shown with 2 coats.


Tealing Festive


Tealing Festive is a teal blue base with a teal and silver shimmer.  This is such a beautiful color that it is no surprise to me that it is one of my favorites as well.  The application was easy and opaque in 2 coats.


The Pearl of Your Dreams


The Pearl of Your Dreams is a sheer light blue base with silver flakes that take on the color of the base.  This has the same flakes as Rhinestone Red-y and OPI also classifies this one as a pearl.  I would also consider this more of a glitter as well.  I do like this one, but I like Rhinestone Red-y better.  I think the color of the base is nice, but it just doesn’t have the same effect on the nails as Rhinestone Red-y.  This was opaque in 2 coats.


My Thoughts


This is a good collection to grab.  All of the polishes were nice and easy to work with.  The standout colors for me were Go Big or Go Chrome because of the larger little flecks that give it that extra oomph, Merry & Ice, OPI’m a Gem, Rhinestone Red-y, and Tealing Festive.  Which colors did you like?  Leave a comment below.  You can purchase any or all of the OPI Jewel Be Bold through my store.

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