Luxa Polish Gel Color Swatch and Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  I have been looking to try new brands that I’ve seen on various social media outlets.  One of the brands I’ve noticed was Luxa Polish.  They carry gel, nail art products as well as other nail tools you may need.  I did two different orders.  The first order was to try out the black and white, and the second order (done during their Black Friday sale) was mainly neutral colors from the Naked collection.  Shipping was fast on both orders and I got my nail mail in no time!  Keep reading and see what I got and my thoughts.




Blackout is a dark black.  There was no other color undertone like you can see sometimes in blacks.  The consistency is thicker but it was creamy and easy to apply.  The first coat was kind of sheer, but it was fully opaque in 2 coats.  I do use clear swatch sticks and nail tips when I’m testing them, so it would be more opaque on a natural nail or nail enhancement that has color.




Whiteout is a bright classic white.  What do I mean by bright classic white?  Well there are some white gels that have a hint of blue or a hint of purple that make them a “gleaming” bright white.  This isn’t the brightest “gleaming” white that I have but it is brighter than most that I have.  It is very pigmented and I made sure to do thin coats to ensure it cures properly.  It is basically a one coat coverage.  As you can see, I did one coat over Blackout to show you the coverage.  Phenomenal!  I definitely recommend this white.


Ever After


Ever After is a sheer milky white with just a touch of a pink hue.  It is from the Forever Collection.  This formula also has a thicker but creamy consistency.  I did 2 coats for my swatches and photos.  I’m happy to have this color.  I only have one other milky white (which was just added to my collection), but the hint of pink sets it apart.




Jinx is a color shifting gel.  When it’s warm, it’s a pinky-peach nude creme and when it’s cold, it’s a deep gray.  This is from their Bewitched Color Shift collection.  If you look at my nails in all of the photos, it’s actually what I’m wearing.  This is an awesome color and the color shift is amazing.


Oh Gasm


Oh Gasm is a sheer warm tone pink.  There is a hint of peach that makes it warm.  Oh Gasm is from their La Piel collection.  This is a perfect color for a natural nail look.  The formula was thicker but still creamy and easy to apply.  I did 2 coats for the swatches and photo.


Au Naturel


Au Naturel is a light cool-toned white pink.  This had the same consistency as the others but it was easy to apply.  This is from the Naked collection.  The first coat went on a little sheer, but it was opaque on the second coat.


Bare It All


Bare It All is a dusty mauve pink.  I would say this is a cool to neutral tone.  It had a thick but creamy consistency.  It was easy to apply.  This is from the Naked collection.  I did 2 coats for full coverage and the swatch.


Birthday Suit


Birthday Suit is a muted medium neutral pink.  It has more of a cool to neutral tone to it.  It is from the Naked collection as well.  This was also creamy and easy to apply.  I did 2 coats for full coverage and the swatch.




Exposed is a pale toned down peach pink with just a hint of gray.  This is a very nice color, and definitely belongs in the Naked collection.  It was easy and creamy to apply.  I applied 2 coats for full coverage and the swatch.


Naked Suede


Naked Suede is a dusty mauve that is more on the cool side.  This is the deeper of the nudes that I purchased and it is also in the Naked collection.  It was creamy and applied easily.  I did 2 coats for full coverage and the swatch.




Obsession is a bright warm toned peach with some pink.  It’s almost a coral nude shade.  This is also in the Naked collection and is the brightest of the colors in this collection that I purchased.  It applied easily and was creamy.  I did 2 coats for full coverage and the swatch.


Send Nudes


Send Nudes is a dusty rose with some brown in it.  It’s not as dark as Naked Suede, but it is still a darker nude.  It is in the Naked collection as well.  This was easy to apply and it was nice and creamy as well.  I did 2 coats for full coverage and the swatch.


My Thoughts


I really like all of the colors I purchased.  The consistency of these are thicker than other brands I use, but it was not difficult to apply. In fact, they were all creamy and easy to apply.  Whiteout is super pigmented and covered well.  Jinx is my favorite out of the colors I purchased because of the color shift, but I like them all.  There are 10 colors total in the Naked collection.  I chose the ones that spoke to me.  I will be purchasing more colors from them.  Any of these colors catch your eye?  Comment below and check out all of the products they have to offer at Luxa Polish.

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