V Beauty Pure Sailor Collection Swatch and Review


Hello nail enthusiasts!  I have part 2 of my V Beauty Pure buy one collection, get one free.  The second collection I chose was the Sailor Collection.  Even though these colors lean more toward summer, I wanted it because of the reds, the blue and of course the white.  I already have a V Beauty Pure white, but I use it often so it is almost gone.  This collection is like the other colors I have from them in that the consistency is thicker, but still very creamy and easy to work with.  As you’ll notice, most of these colors have numbers instead of names, as they were some of the first colors to come out.  Let’s get started with this swatch and review.




002 is a bright classic primary red crème.  This gave me one coat coverage, although I did do two coats for the photos.  This is a great red for summer or holiday times.  The consistency was thicker than some other brand gels, but so easy and creamy to work with.  I did photos for both shiny and matte finishes.




029  is a darker primary blue crème.  It’s not quite navy, but a gorgeous darker blue.  Again, this gave me one coat coverage, but I did two coats for the photos.  The consistency was the same as the red.  It applied so nicely.  As you can see, I did both shiny and matte finishes.




041 is an orangey-red crème.  It has a warmer tone than the 002 red.  I got full opacity in one coat, but did two coats for the photos.  Like the other colors in this collection, the consistency was thicker but easy and creamy to work with.  The photos show both shiny and matte finishes.




045-White is a bright white crème.  This is one of my go to whites when I want a bright, eye searing white.  With the thicker consistency, this also works well for nail art.  Since this is so pigmented, make sure to do thin coats for proper curing.  I did two thin coats for the photos in shiny and matte finishes.




078 is a light sky blue with silver and blue shimmers.  V Beauty Pure lists this as part of their Satin line.  This is a sheerer formula, so I did three coats for the photos.  As you can see in the photos, you get two different looks depending upon whether you do a shiny or matte top coat.  It was still easy to work with and applied nicely.




094 is a silver leaf/foil glitter.  I say leaf/foil because of the consistency.  It is thick, but not to the point of where it’s hard to work with.  It lays flatter than a traditional glitter gel and just catches the light so beautifully.  You can get full coverage depending on your application and what look you are going for.  I did two coats for the photos.  Since this formula lays so flat, one coat of top coat fully covered the nail and didn’t leave any chunky bumpy finish.  I did show this in matte, although I prefer it shiny.


My Thoughts


I liked this collection which is no surprise to me.  I’ve been slowly building my gel collection with colors from V Beauty Pure.  I love the way they apply.  I love the pigmentation and the consistency.  They are very creamy and easy to work with.  Most colors I have are opaque in one to two coats unless they are supposed to be a sheer.  Most of the colors in this collection are what I would consider staple colors and I’m glad to have added them to my collection.  You can check out all of the products V Beauty Pure has to offer on their website at https://vbeautypure.com/.

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