Luxa Gel Color Swatch and Review


Hello nail enthusiasts!  I had purchased some gels for myself for my birthday and the holidays.  This is my Luxa Polish Gel Color purchase.  I didn’t purchase a “collection”.  I purchase some different colors I wanted to try.  Most of the colors are from the Glow Up Collection.  At the time of my purchase, Luxa had a promotion when you hit a certain dollar amount you got a free gift.  Luxa didn’t say what the free gift was, so it is a surprise when I got the package!  Luxa is another brand I have been enjoying and slowly building my collection of.  Let’s get into this swatch and review.


Peachy Blush


Peachy Blush is a peach nude sheer. This was the free gift with purchase.  This is part of Luxa’s Flexi base gels and works as a as a gel base for gel manicures and structured manicures, and works with their gel systems.  I have a clear hard gel overlay on my own nails, but this can be used to add just a little strength to shorter natural nails.  I would use it to add just a wash of color to my overlay.  I did two coats for the photo.




Blossom is a light pink crème with a slight peach tone.  This is part of their Vintage Pastels collection.  It is a thicker consistency than some other gel brands, but is creamy and easy to apply.  I’m a sucker for light pinks, so this is a hit for me.  I applied two thin coats for the photo.


Drop Dead Tiffany


Drop Dead Tiffany is a blue-green crème.  This color is just as its name suggests!  It is part of the Vivid collection.  I think this is a great spring and summer color.  The consistency is a little thicker than some other gel brands, but applied so creamy and nice.  I used two thin coats for the photo.




Ultraviolet is a soft white that glows a purple violet in the dark.  The colors in the Glow Up collection all glow in the dark.  Due to the glow in the dark pigments, this formula is thicker and kind of gritty.  This color didn’t glow as bright as some of the others that I purchased, but it is still pretty.  It was pretty hard to capture the glow accurately with the camera.  I did two coats for the photos.




Hacker is a soft white-pink that glows a purple-blue.  This is a part of the Glow Up collection.  Like Ultraviolet, this did not glow as bright as some of the others I purchased, but it was still bright.  The formula is a little thicker and gritty, but it was not too difficult to apply.  I did two coats for the photos.




Tonic is a bright buttery yellow that glows a bright yellow with a hint of green.  This formula isn’t as gritty as Ultraviolet or Hacker, but it is still a little gritty and is easier to apply in thin coats.  This is one of the colors that glows the brightest out of what I purchased.  I did two coats for the photos.




Radioactive is a medium green that glows bright lime green.  This was the least gritty formula out of the ones I purchased, making it the easiest to apply in thin coats.  This is another color that glows brightly.  I used two coats for the photos.




Trance is a bright light robins egg blue that glows a stunning teal.  This glow is so gorgeous.  It glows brightly as well.  The formula was about the same consistency as Tonic, where it wasn’t as gritty as Ultraviolet or Hacker, but it was a little more gritty than Radioactive.  I did two coats for the photos.


My Thoughts


I really liked all of the colors I purchased.  Luxa is another brand I’m really enjoying.  All of the colors that I’ve purchased are just amazing.  I was really interested in the glow in the dark colors for Halloween time, as there are many designs I want to do that incorporate glow in the dark themes.  Even though the glow formula is thicker and grittier than typical crèmes, it wasn’t difficult to work with.  I did a thin first coat, then did a floating second coat.  I’m so excited to make some designs with these.  You can check out what products Luxa Polish has to offer on their website at

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