UR Sugar Potted Gel Review-Grey Series


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  We’re still in the midst of a stay at home order, but I have more UR Sugar potted gels for review.  This is one of the few series where I have the full collection of colors.  By the time I found them, most places didn’t have all of the colors in each of the series.  All of the swatches are 2 coats of color plus a top coat.  Also, the colors in the picture are brighter than how they look to the naked eye.  Keep reading to see swatches and my thoughts.



First up is C001 through C003.  I included the lids as well as what the color in the pot looks like because what you see isn’t always what you get.  C001 is a medium toned grey.  C002 is a muted grey toned tiffany blue.  C003 is a grey with brown or taupe undertones.



Next up is C004 through C006.  C004 is medium taupe brown with a hint of purple undertone.  As you can see in the picture, the lid does not represent the color of the gel, as the lid looks more green.  C005 is a dark grey with a brown undertone.  C006 is a medium to dark grey.



Alright, third in line is C007 through C009.  C007 is a sage green with a grey undertone.  C008 is a medium grey with a purple undertone.  The lid didn’t match this color, as it is more purple than grey.  C009 is a dark grey with a green undertone.  The lid for this gel looks brown.



Last up are the colors C010 through C012.  C010 is a translucent dark teal that leans more green than the picture shows.  Since it is so translucent, I swatched it over white.  C011 is a light grey.  C012 is a muted periwinkle blue with grey undertones.

My Thoughts

I liked all of these colors.  They are easy to apply.  The gel is on the thinner side but they do build up in 2 coats.  However, since they are on the thinner side, they don’t bulk up the nail like some other gel polishes can.  As you can see, the lids don’t always match what the color is so keep that in mind when purchasing.  I will say that finding the potted gel colors is proving more and more difficult, but I have noticed that the Born Pretty website carries the 7.5ml bottles in almost the exact same colors, if not the exact same colors.  Here is a link to a listing on the Born Pretty website that shows a picture of the colors in this line with the numbers so you can try to match the corresponding color in the 7.5ml bottles.  “UR Sugar 110 colors“.


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