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Hello nail art enthusiasts!  I placed another order with Twinkled T last week and was excited when my package came.  The order was placed on a Wednesday, and I had it in my hot little hands by Saturday!  Needless to say, I opened my package as soon as I walked back in from the mailbox.  I ordered more stamping polishes, glitters and the unicorn brush set.  For my thoughts and a review of these products keep reading.

What I Bought


Here are the products I purchased displayed nicely on my Twinkled T Glamour Mat.  I bought some more stamping polishes.  The polishes retail for $6 for a 10ml bottle.  I have fallen in love with this brands polishes.  I bought some glitters.  Each of their glitters retails for $5 for a 10 gram jar.  There were so many to choose from but I narrowed it down to these 5 to try first. The glitters came in pretty holo resealable packaging.  Lastly, I bought the unicorn brush set.  It retails for $12.  Everything came packaged nicely as usual.



I bought the Smokey and Terra stamping polishes.  Smokey is a medium to dark gray.  It stamped beautifully over black and white.  No issues whatsoever.  Terra is a darker teal.  It stamped over black and white with no issues either.  Some of the pictures I took in my light-box, so the colors look lighter/brighter.  They both are darker when seen with the naked eye.  The formula on both of these are just like the previous ones I’ve purchased.  I’m hoping to have all of the stamping polish colors in my collection!



I purchased 5 of their glitters to try out.  There is Sunshine (yellow), Purple Slurp, Lime, Blue Mist and Pink Slip.  All of them are very pretty.  Each one also has iridescent glitters that shine depending on how the light hits them.  I want to use them in stamping designs, so I ordered the dust size.  This tiny size works better to keep the image definition.  I did 2 quick swatches with these.  The black nail I used stamping gel with a plate design and then put the glitters on in an ombré effect.  I did not apply top coat.  The other swatch is just a white base coat, then using the unicorn fan brush, I dusted the colors on.  The white background really helps the colors to pop.  Top coat was applied to this one.

Brush Set


The 5 piece unicorn brush set I bought mainly for the ombré and fan brush, but also because they were pretty and I could use some more brushes.  Their website says the brushes are made with the highest quality synthetic nylon hair and are vegan-cruelty free.  The handles are plastic and the Twinkled T logo is printed on the metal head of the brushes.  The colors of the bristles are so pretty and without a doubt unicorn themed.  I’m new to ombré-ing with gel polish so I’m not that good at it yet.  With that being said, I did have a difficult time with the ombré brush.  I feel the wispy hairs are too sparse, but I will keep trying.  I’m used to doing ombré with regular polish and a sponge, so this technique will take some practice to get better at.


My Thoughts

I am really satisfied with my Twinkled T purchase as usual.  The only bummer is the ombré brush.  Hopefully, I will get the hang of doing ombré nails with gel polish and this ombré brush.  All of the products I have bought thus far have been of great quality.  I will continue to purchase from them.  They have so many more nail art products to chose from.  I suggest you check out their site and get some nail art supplies for yourself!


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