Pink and Blue Ombré Nails with Iridescent Flakies


Hey nail art enthusiasts!  Where I live, we had a few short days of spring weather and I wanted to change my polish colors.  I removed my St. Patricks Day mani and started thinking of spring colors.  Pastels are a great spring color choice.  I had to incorporate pink since it’s my favorite color.  Keep reading to see what I did and the products I used to achieve this look.

Getting Started

I really like the ombré look.  I can create the look easily with regular polish and a cosmetic sponge, but with gel polish that’s another story.  You can put a gel top coat over regular polish, but you have to make sure the polish is completely dry before applying.  Since I’m not good at ombré-ing with gel yet, I opted for regular polish.  I chose OPI’s Mod About You and I Believe in Manicures.

Starting off, I applied two coats of a white base color gel polish.  I removed the tacky layer with rubbing alcohol.  I mixed a couple drops of the polishes with polish thinner on a tile.  This was to make the polish layers thinner and look more like water colors.  It also helped to dry faster.

Next, I applied a liquid latex barrier to each of my fingers to aid in clean-up.  I did one hand at a time.  Using the cosmetic sponge, I put the pink and blue on in a vertical direction and sponged a layer on each nail.  I rotated which sides the colors were on.  I did 3 layers on each nail.  By then time you finish the last finger, the first finger will be dry, as long as you don’t apply the polish too thick.  You want to make sure the polish is dry before adding another layer.  If you don’t, when you sponge on the next layer, it will pull up color from the previous layer.

Once I was happy with the ombré, I removed the latex barrier and did any final clean-up work.  I did not apply top coat yet.  I wanted to make sure the polish layers were completely dry.  So I moved on to doing the ombré on the second hand.  I followed all of the same steps as before on my other hand.

Once the ombré and clean-up for both hands was done, I applied gel top coat to my first hand only.  This gave my other hand more time to dry.  The gel top coat I used has a sticky layer you have to remove after curing which is perfect for applying the iridescent flakies.  I used an eyeshadow applicator to apply them and gently rubbed the flakies to make sure they laid flat.  After I did that, I applied one more coat of gel top coat.  I removed the sticky layer and followed the same process on my other hand.

I was very happy with the outcome of this nail look.  Very light and “spring” colors with a little iridescent bling.  What are your thoughts on this look?  Leave your comments below.

Products Used


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Nail Necessities

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