OPI Your Way Swatch and Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  We are expecting some warmer weather where I am this week.  I am so happy for the sun to come out and warm me up.  Speaking of warmer weather, tis the season for Spring collections coming out.  I am doing a swatch and review of the OPI Your Way collection for Spring 2024.  This collection features crèmes, shimmers, glitters and sheers allowing you to personalize your nails and make them as unique as you are.  Let’s get the swatch and review started.


Apricot AF


Apricot AF is a peach-orange crèmes.  This is a nice bright color that applied nicely as so many of OPI crèmes do.  I used two coats for the photo.




ButtaFly is a soft buttery yellow with a fine gold shimmer.  The shimmer is hard to see on the nail, but it does add a brightness to the color.  It applied like a crème, even though it does have shimmer in it.  It was a little sheer and streaky on the first coat, as are many yellow formulations, so I did three coats for the photo.


Glazed N’ Amused


Glazed N’ Amused is a sheer white pearl that shifts fuchsia to red in extreme lighting.  This is meant to be a topper over other colors, but I did three coats on its own for these photos.  This is supposed to be like a donut glazing over colors, like the glazed nail trend that has been popular this past year.




gLITter is a sheer orange base with a yellow-gold fine glitter shimmer.  I think this could be a topper or used on its own.  I swatched this on clear tips, so I used three coats for the photos.  Depending on the color of your nails or how pronounced your free edge is, this may be opaque for you in 2-3 coats.


Gliterally Shimmer


Gliterally Shimmer is a clear base with a fine gold shimmer with micro iridescent glitters that show green, blue, pink and purple.  I must say this is my favorite topper in this collection, probably because of the coloring of the iridescent glitters.  As I said, this is meant to be a topper but I swatched it on its own for the photos.  I did three coats on clear tips for the photos.


Material Gworl


Material Gworl is a warm-toned milk chocolate brown crème.  This is the darker of the two browns in this collection.  It applied nicely and was opaque in two coats.  I prefer cool-toned browns, so this was not my favorite, but it is still a nice color.


$elf Made


$elf Made is a medium muted spring grass green creme.  It is more on the cool-toned side which is probably why I like this color.  It applied so creamy and was opaque in two coats.


Snatch’d Silver


Snatch’d Silver is a milky white base with purple shimmer and micro iridescent glitters.  I thought this one was going to be my favorite topper, but I think due to the amber tones in the glitters, it kind of turns me away from it.  I think if the glitters were just pink, blue and purple, I would have liked it better.  I did swatch this on its own and I used three coats for the photos.


Spice Up Your Life


Spice Up Your Life is a warm-toned peanut butter-caramel brown crème.  This is the lighter of the two browns in this collection.  Since this is also warm-toned and I prefer cool-toned browns, so it was not my favorite.  It applied nice and creamy and was opaque in two coats.


Suga Cookie


Suga Cookie is a sheer lilac base with a white pearl shimmer and micro iridescent glitters.  This is supposed to be a topper, but I swatched it on its own.  This is such a nice was of color for the nails.  You could easily put this over a similar color crème base and it would add such a dimension to the nails.  I swatched this in three coats for the photos.




*Verified* is a pastel periwinkle blue crème.  This is such a great spring blue.  It’s not too light and not to0 bright that it would be more of a summer blue.  It applied creamy and was opaque in two coats.


Without A Pout

Without A Pout is a bright medium pink crème.  This is such a pigmented color.  It was easy to apply and it was almost opaque in just one coat.  I used two coats for the photo.


My Thoughts


This collection was a hit or miss with me.  There are some colors that I can do without and then there are some colors I really like.  All of the polishes applied nicely.  It is just a matter of color preference.  Of course I really liked Gliterally Shimmer, $elf Made, Suga Cookie, and *Verified*.  What colors are you wanting to add to your collection?  You can pick up a few or the whole collection from my store OPI Your Way.

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