China Glaze Meadow Dreams Swatch and Review


Hello nail enthusiasts!  I am still somewhat patiently waiting for spring to head my way.  I am so ready for the warmer weather and not have to be all bundled up.  At least a t-shirt and jeans, no sweatshirt. I have another Spring collection to share with you guys.  This time it is the China Glaze Meadow Dreams collection for Spring of 2024.  There are six whimsical shades inspired by nature with a mix of shimmers and crèmes.  Let’s get to swatching!


Fields of Lilac


Fields of Lilac is a light lilac crème.  This is a lighter shade of lilac than a lilac flower and more like the shade of Vervain flowers.  It applies very nice and was opaque in two coats as shown in the photo.


Lavender Haze


Lavender Haze is a light purple with a green shimmer.  You can see the shimmer best in bright or direct light.  This was a little sheer and I used three coats for the photos.  You could use this as a topper over a similar color base.  You can use this on its own in 3-4 coats depending on application.  It was easy to apply and I made sure to be mindful of brush strokes showing as well.


Meet Me In The Meadow


Meet Me In The Meadow is a light grass green with a lime green shimmer.  The shimmer in this polish can also be seen best in bright or direct light.  The formula was a little sheer as well, but built up nicely in three coats.  I was careful with application to improve the brush strokes.  You could use this as a topper over a similar color base, which would keep from having to use as many coats.


Mystic Garden


Mystic Garden is a pastel mint green crème with just a hint of blue.  It reminds me of the pastel butter mint candies.  The formula of this was easy to work with and applied nicely.  It was opaque in two coats.


Picking Wildflowers


Picking Wildflowers is a peach base with a golden shimmer.  The shimmer brings a brightness to the nail.  This is such a pretty color.  The formula was a little sheer on this, so I used three coats for the photos.  You can use this as a topper over a similar color base or on its own with 3-4 coats depending on your application.


What A Dream


What A Dream is an off-white, almost cream puff white crème.  The off-white gives a subtleness to this collection that a bright white wouldn’t do.  This would work wonderfully as a base for your nail art without being too stark white.  It applied nicely and was opaque in two coats.


My Thoughts


I liked this collection.  The colors are all so pretty.  The shimmers just add oomph to the polishes.  The color story is enjoyable as well.  I know some people maybe want a departure from typical spring colors, and I think this collection does it without straying too far from the typical spring colors.  I really like Mystic Garden and Picking Wildflowers.  Which ones do you want to add to your polish collection?  You can pick up one or all of them from my store China Glaze Meadow Dreams.

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