Morgan Taylor I Wanna Dance With Somebody Swatch and Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  I’m late with the reviews on these, but we’ve been a busy household lately.  Today I have the Morgan Taylor I Wanna Dance With Somebody Winter/Holiday Collection for 2022 that features six colors inspired by the collaboration between Gelish, Morgan Taylor, and the theatrical release.  There are two glitters, two crèmes, and two shimmers.  Do you need a couple of them or all of them?  Keep reading to see my thoughts on this collection.


Belt It Out


Belt It Out is a purple crelly base with a blue shimmer and small hexagonal holo glitters.  This is a bright fun shade that is definitely unique compared to all of the others in this collection.  This was opaque for me in 2 coats, but depending on your nail length and how white your free edges are, you may need another coat.


Blazing Up The Charts


Blazing Up The Charts is a classic holiday red crème.  I know what you’re thinking, “this is just another red”.  But it isn’t!  This red is so pigmented and creamy that it’s a 1 coater.  I did 2 coats for the swatch.  This red is so creamy and easy to work with, I really recommend picking this up.


Certified Platinum


Certified Platinum is a champagne gold shimmer base with silver and gold micro flecks.  It is more of a gold color than a platinum color to me.  This applied nicely and I didn’t have any issues with brush strokes showing.  This was opaque for me in 2 coats, but depending on application and your nails, you may need a 3rd.


Command The Stage


Command The Stage is a gold shimmer base with gold and copper micro flecks.  In the bottle it looked like it had a duochrome quality to it, but if it does, it didn’t transfer to the nail.  This is a much more warm toned gold.  This is another unique color in the collection, but it didn’t tickle my fancy only because I like more cool-toned gold colors.  This was opaque for me in 2 coats, but again, depending on application and your nails, you may need a 3rd coat.


Record Breaker


Record Breaker is a black base with gold and silver micro flake glitters.  This is a pretty color and one of my favorites.  The formula is a tad thick, so be careful with your application.  You could probably get this opaque in one coat but I did two for the photo.  Definitely use a good top coat if you want a smooth nail.


Signature Sound


Signature Sound is a pale beige crème with warm undertones.  This was opaque for me in 2 creamy coats.  This color was an odd ball for me in this collection.  I feel like it didn’t fit in with the theme, but to each their own.  This does make for a good office color though.


My Thoughts


Overall I do like this collection.  Belt It Out, Blazing Up The Charts and Record Breaker were my favorites.  All of the formulas were easy to work with.  Blazing is one that everyone should add to their collection, even if they have a tons of reds.  It had amazing coverage and the formula was “chefs kiss”.  Signature Sound was kind of a let down for me just because it felt out of place.  It’s a good color and the formula was good, but I think a different color may have rounded out this collection much better.  Well, how many colors do you need from this collection?  Hop on over to my store and purchase them here!

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