OPI Downtown LA Collection Fall 2021 Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  We finally got a little bit of rain where I live but it’s still hot here.  I’m just counting down the days or maybe even weeks until cooler weather arrives.  It’s no surprise that OPI is one of my favorite nail lacquer brands and I was excited to swatch their new Downtown LA Collection for Fall 2021.  With OPI’s brushes, formulas and creative names, what’s not to love?  With out further ado, let’s jump into this seasons colors!


Metallic Composition


Metallic Composition is a rose gold metallic.  This has a rosey base with silver micro glitters.  I didn’t have issues with brush strokes like you can get with these types of finishes.  This is a very pretty color that is a good transition from summer to fall.  This was opaque for me in two coats and went on pretty easily.


Graffiti Sweetie


Graffiti Sweetie is a dusty lilac crème.  This is a perfect shade of purple for fall.  The dustiness tones it down making it an easily wearable fall color.  It’s a lighter fall color compared to what wear normally see for fall and winter.  This was opaque for me in two creamy coats.


(P)Ink on Canvas


(P)Ink on Canvas is a muted blush pink crème.  I would say this color doesn’t fit into a typical “fall” theme but I’m not mad because I love pinks.  This color can be worn any time of year for sure.  Two coats is all I needed for this creamy pink shade.


Espresso Your Inner Self


Espresso Your Inner Self is a medium to dark warm toned espresso brown crème.  This is very similar to Cliffside Karaoke from OPI’s Malibu Collection from Summer 2021.  Espresso is a little darker and Cliffside is warmer with a little more yellow undertones to it.  I wouldn’t consider it a dupe.  This was opaque in two creamy coats.


7th & Flower


7th & Flower is a berry toned muted magenta crème.  When you think of magenta, you think summer or maybe even spring, but not necessarily fall.  With the color being toned down, this fits in perfectly with fall.  This was almost a one coater, but I did do two coats for full opacity.


Art Walk in Suzi’s Shoes


Art Walk in Suzi’s Shoes is a warm toned crelly red.  OPI classifies this as a crème, but I think it is a combination of a crème and a jelly being that it is squishy and a little sheer like a jelly.  This is just a classic red.  I did get full opacity in two coats.


Isn’t it Grand Avenue


Isn’t it Grand Avenue is a deep navy blue crème with just a slight purple undertone to it.  This is one of my favorite colors from this collection.  This is a great color for fall and winter.  It is a cool toned blue which I prefer.  It applied almost like a crelly but it was definitely opaque in two coats.


Angels Flight to Starry Nights


Angels Flight to Starry Nights is a dusky cool toned blue with holographic shimmer.  It’s nice to see a different type of polish other than the standard crèmes, metallics, and glitters.  This was opaque in two coats and brush strokes were very minimal.




OPI♥︎DTLA is a purple gray crème.  When you compare this to other typical grays, it is more purple.  When you compare it to purples, it is more gray.  So this falls right in the middle.  This color reminds me of the sky just before it’s getting ready to rain.  This is another one of my favorites in this collection.  This was opaque for me in two coats.


Abstract After Dark


Abstract After Dark is a deep warm toned purple with magenta and blue micro flakes.  This is most likely going to be the fan favorite.  It’s a new take on a classic Lincoln Park After Dark.  In bright light or under flash, you can see the micro flakes.  This is a really pretty color and the flakes give it dimension.  It was opaque for me in two coats.


Violet Visionary


Violet Visionary is a medium to dark warm toned purple crème.  This is the brightest purple in this collection even though it’s still a darker purple.  I would consider this more of a plum purple as this is more warm toned than violet usually is.  This was fully opaque is two creamy coats.


My Studio’s on Spring


My Studio’s on Spring is a dark dusty green crème with blue undertones so it appears on the teal side.  This dries darker than the color in the bottle.  This green reminds me of a blue spruce tree.  Yes it’s green, but it has some hints of blue in it.  This was opaque in two coats.


My Thoughts

This is a nice collection and there is a wide array of colors to choose from.  From office friendly colors to dramatic fall beauties, there is sure to be a color for everyone.   All of them had easy to work with formulas and were opaque in two coats.  I like all of the colors but my favorite colors are Abstract After Dark, Isn’t it Grand Avenue, OPI♥︎DTLA and (P)Ink on Canvas.  If you found this review helpful consider supporting our store where you can check out and purchase the whole collection here: “Shop OPI Downtown LA Collection“, or easily select from my top 4 favorites below.


My Favorites from OPI Downtown LA Collection





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