China Glaze Autumn Spice Fall 2021 Collection Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  It’s still hot here where I live but at least the nights are getting cooler.  I am so ready for some cooler weather to bring in fall time.  With fall coming, so are all of the next releases for nail polish.  I’m going to review China Glazes’ Autumn Spice Collection for Fall 2021.  The colors in this collection definitely say fall.  A beautiful palette that mimics the trees changing in the season.  Let’s get right into these polishes!


The Snuggle Is Real


The Snuggle Is Real is a nude peach toned beige crème.  When I see this color I think of cashmere and having a nice soft cashmere sweater on to keep me warm.   This is a nice color for the office if you cannot wear bolder colors.  This was opaque for me in two coats and had an easy application.


Autumns Up!


Autumns Up! is a mustard yellow crème.  The shade is a muted yellow so it’s not like what you would see in the spring or summer.  It is a perfect shade for fall.  I’m going to be repeating myself with this term but this is one of the colors that you see the leaves turn with the season.  This was opaque for me in two coats and for a yellow the application was nice.


Spice To Meet You


Spice To Meet You is a deep pumpkin orange crème.  This is most definitely a fall shade of orange.  Not only is this fall leaves color but it also reminds me of a sweet potato pie.  It was almost opaque for me in one coat, but I did have to do two coats.  For someone who has shorter nails, they could probably do one coat and be good to go.  The application was nice and creamy.


Loves You A Latte


Loves You A Latte is a brown crème with a burnt orange undertone.  This brown is very warm toned.  I prefer cool toned browns for my skin tone, but this brown is still very nice.  When I see this color I think of snickerdoodle cookies and warm cinnamon rolls.  This was opaque for me in two coats and had a good application.


Modern Auburn


Modern Auburn is a deep brick red crème.  Although this is a warm toned red, I actually liked it with my skin tone.  This shade of red reminds me of fireplaces and cuddling up to a cozy fire going on a chilly evening.  I got full opacity in two easy coats.


Loves ‘Em & Leaves ‘Em


Loves ‘Em & Leaves ‘Em has a dark green base with gold, green and orange shimmer.  I took a macro shot so you could see the three shimmer colors.  When thinking of fall related things that this color reminded me of, to be honest I was stumped for a bit.  Then it hit me.  Pumpkin stems!  We rarely look at the stems of pumpkins but they are green with golden brown specks and veins running throughout.  This dimensional color went on in two coats for full opacity.  Be aware, this formula can leave brush strokes if you’re not careful.


My Thoughts

I really liked this collection.  The colors are cohesive and speak fall to me.  All of them applied nicely and I didn’t have issues with streakiness.  There are many different manicures you can do with these colors and for me, I’m glad to have them all.  Let us know how many you want to add  to your nail polish collection below.  If you found this review helpful consider supporting our store where you can check out and purchase the whole collection here: “Shop China Glaze Autumn Spice Collection“, or easily select from my top 4 favorites below. 


My Favorites from China Glaze Autumn Spice Collection





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