China Glaze Xtra Stellar Collection for Halloween 2021 Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  I feel like I’m being a broken record, but it is still hot where I live.  C’mon fall weather!  With Halloween around the corner, there are always collections releasing that get me excited for some creative designs.  Halloween is one of my favorite times of year and I enjoy seeing the different polishes that come out during this time.  We typically see more creative colors and finishes than you would throughout the rest of the year.  One of those collections is China Glaze Xtra Stellar and it looks out of this world!  There are six 14ml polishes in this collection and not one is a crème. Let’s get to the colors.


Little Green Invaders


Looking to evoke that little green martian feel?  Little Green Invaders is an alien green base with an orange-red shift duo chrome.  The shift for this duo chrome was a little harder to catch on camera.  You mainly see the green base, but I’m ok with that.  This is a great green color for Halloween.  As you can see, you have to be careful with the brush strokes and the formula was a little on the thin side.  With that being said, it was fully opaque in two coats.


She’s So Extra Terrestrial


Maybe you’re feeling a little bit more like Katy Perry?  She’s So Extra Terrestrial is a cyan linear holographic polish.  This is a really pretty holo.  I don’t have anything like it in my polish collection, but then I don’t have many holo’s in my collection.  I didn’t have any issues with brush strokes.  This formula was also a little on the thinner side but I did get full opacity in two coats.


Now or Nova


If you’re feeling a vampiric look calling your name try this!  Now or Nova is a coppery brown base with a poison apple red shimmer.  The first coat went on thin and I saw the base color and not so much of the shimmer.  By the second coat, the shimmer began to shine.  The brush strokes weren’t as noticeable in this color as others, but I was more careful with application.  I was able to get full opacity with two coats.


Holee Shift!


Are you wanting to be transported to another galaxy?  Holee Shift! brings many colors of the universe into one polish.  (Psst, it also reminds me of the futuristic music videos from the late 90’s and early 00’s).   It has a grey green base with a silvery teal to purple red shift duo chrome.  This was my favorite duo chrome in this collection because the color shifts were easier to see and capture.  However, the brush strokes are easy to see, so be careful with application.  Again the formula was a little on the thin side, but I did get full opacity in two coats.




Need to add a little “dimension” to the classic orange and greens for Halloween?  Then Purpletonium is perfect.  It is a purple base with a purple and magenta shimmer.  This is a deep but vibrant purple color.  This formula dries matte so I took pictures both matte and with a shiny top coat.  The shimmer is harder to see when it is matte than when it has a shiny top coat.  I didn’t have any issues with brush strokes and I got full opacity in two coats.


Keep It Realm


Want to head into deep space where only little bits of color are peeking through?  Reach for Keep It Realm.  It is a deep blue indigo base with a berry shimmer.  With such a dark base and a berry shimmer, the overall color is a deeper and richer plum-ey purple.  I am currently wearing this color on my toes, I liked it so much.  I still had brush strokes but not as much as the duo chromes.  The formula was a little thin, but I got full opacity in two coats.


My Thoughts

I always like collections like these that come out for a specific or special occasion.  I typically see things that wouldn’t be done for “normal” releases.  All of the formulas were a little on the thin side, but I didn’t have any issues with getting full opacity in two coats for all of the colors.  Be sure not to have too much polish on your brush to avoid flooding your cuticles and sidewalls.  I’m not saying that you can’t be creative with other collections, but Halloween time allows for more unusual and eccentric designs that you don’t often see other times of the year.  I like all of the colors but my favorites from this collection are Keep It Realm, Holee Shift! and Little Green Invaders.  These colors just stood out for me.  Ready to get your hands on one or all of these colors?!  Pick them up from our store here: “Shop Xtra Stellar Collection” or easily select from my top 4 favorites below.

My Favorites from the China Glaze Xtra Stellar Collection





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