OPI Celebration Collection Holiday 2021 Swatch and Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  Finally the weather has cooled down and I feel it’s officially fall.  It is always exciting when the upcoming seasons polish collections come out so that we can start brainstorming different nail design ideas.  As I’ve stated before, OPI is one of my favorite polish companies, so I was excited to get this collection to swatch and review.  This collection has 15 polishes with 5 crèmes, 1 pearl, 6 holographic shimmers and 3 glitters to choose from.  There is surely something for everyone, and this collection can take you all the way into the New Year.  Let’s get right to the colors.


All is Berry & Bright


May your nails be berry and bright with this rich medium to dark blurple crème.  All is Berry & Bright can look more purple or more blue depending on the light.  This was opaque for me in two coats and application went on smoothly.


Big Bow Energy


Your nails have Big Bow Energy at any event with this bright magenta pink crème.  You can wear this as a full mani or easily tone it down a bit by using it as an accent color with your holiday design.  This was opaque for me in two creamy coats.


Maraschino Cheer-y


Your nails will be saying “pretty please with a Maraschino Cheer-y on top” in this dark cherry red crème.  The first coat you see a lot of the pink undertones and it is more of a crelly finish.  But after applying the second coat, I had full coverage.  The application is what you expect from an OPI red and it applied nicely.


OPI♥︎to Party


Do you love to party? OPI♥︎to Party with this deep warm toned plum crème.  On the first coat, you can really see the red undertones giving this purple its warmth.  It was opaque in two coats and really deepens in color.


Ring in the Blue Year


Get ready to Ring in the Blue Year with this saturated cobalt blue crème.  This is such a nice blue to include in this collection.  It does have a crelly finish.  This was opaque in two coats and was easy to apply.


Snow Day in LA


Let’s take a Snow Day in LA with this pearl white.  The pearl isn’t easily seen but it does give this white a sheen.  After two coats, I still had some shadowing, so these pictures are three coats for full opacity and no shadowing.


Cheers to Mani Years


Raise your glasses and Cheers to Mani Years with this festive glitter.  This has a clear base with large holo hex glitters, medium green and blue hex glitters, and small fuchsia and matte beige hex glitters.  I did the swatches with no base color.  The first picture is with two coats, and the second picture is using the sponge method to achieve more of a full opacity look.  These glitters are meant to be toppers, but you can get full coverage with the sponge method.


Confetti Ready


Get your nails Confetti Ready with this party in a bottle glitter.  This has a sheer pink tinted base with large and small hex glitters in gold, silver, light blue, and matte pink and a hex holographic micro glitter.  While also meant to be a topper, this has better coverage than the other two glitters due to the micro holo glitters.  I also applied this with no base color to see the coverage with two regular coats and as well as the sponge method.


You Had Me at Confetti


Sprinkle the magic on top of any mani with You Had Me at Confetti.  This glitter has a clear base with large holo hex glitters, large matte blue, light blue, light beige and red hex glitters, and small red, green, gold and matte light beige hex glitters.  This glitter reminds me the most of a “christmas” glitter with how the colors work together.  It is the least dense of the glitter toppers.  I  swatched this without a base color in two coats and using the sponge method.  Even with the sponge method, it would take a lot to get to a full opacity.


LED Marquee


Light up your nails like an LED Marquee with this holographic blue shimmer.  The holo doesn’t flare as much as some other holo polishes I have, but the flare is still there as you can see in the flash picture.  This was opaque for me in two coats and had and easy application.


My Color Wheel is Spinning


My Color Wheel is Spinning after swatching all of the beautiful polishes in this collection.  This is a warm toned holographic violet purple shimmer.  In the macro and flash pictures you can see the warmer red/pink tones coming through.  I had full opacity in two coats.


Mylar Dreams


Make your nails dreams come true with Mylar Dreams.  This is a holographic fuchsia shimmer.  The holo in this doesn’t flare too much, but it is still there.  I achieved full opacity in two coats.


Paint the Tinseltown Red


Paint the Tinseltown Red in this holographic red shimmer.  This is a warmer toned red as the holographic flare looks gold.  As with the other holos in this collection, the flare wasn’t dramatic but it is visible.  I was able to get full opacity in two coats.


Ready, Fȇte, Go


Are your nails Ready, Fȇte, Go to a party in this vibrant holographic teal shimmer.  The base color leans blue but the holo flare leans green making this beauty teal.  It was opaque for me in two coats.


Turn Bright After Sunset

Turn Bright After Sunset then keep on cruisin’ in this holographic black shimmer.  The holographic really shines under flash and you can see all of the holo colors.  In regular light it looks like a black with  silver shimmer.  I got full opacity in two coats.


My Thoughts

As per usual, I really liked this collection from OPI.  There are colors to take you through to New Years.  This is not just a “christmas” collection but a holiday collection.  I think the holos would be a great option for New Year’s Eve parties.  Many of the crèmes would pair nicely with the holos. You have light shades, bright shades and dark shades.  If there isn’t a color you like, then I’m flabbergasted.  Pick up one or all of these shades here, or quickly select from my favorites below.


My Top OPI Celebration Collection Colors:

: LED Marquee


: Ring in the Blue Year


: Paint the Tinseltown Red


: Maraschino Cheer-y


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  1. Fantastic review and swatches – you totally helped me answer some questions I had about it before clicking “buy” today (release day!)!

    Thank you for this – now I know what I need and what I don’t!


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