Morgan Taylor Lace Is More Swatch and Review


Hello nail enthusiasts!  Spring is on the way, at least as far as nail polish collections are concerned!  I have for you the Morgan Taylor Lace Is More collection for Spring 2024.  The collection features six colors inspired by the femininity and delicacy of lace and the hues of the Spring.  I am more than ready for the warmer weather and the ability to feel the warm sunshine on my skin.  Let’s get into the swatch and review.


Freshly Cut


Freshly Cut is a medium yellow-green crème.  This looks like blades of grass in the Spring, just before they darken for the summer.  This applied nicely in two coats and was very creamy.


Lace Be Honest


Lace Be Honest is a muted peach crème.  It looks like peach carnations, but a little more muted.  This applied nice and creamy in two coats.


Sunny Daze Ahead


Sunny Daze Ahead is a golden yellow crème.  It is bright but not blinding.  It reminds me of the inside fleshy part of a peach.  It was a little streaky and I did three coats for the photos.  This did dry to a satin matte.


Sweet Morning Breeze


Sweet Morning Breeze is a light blue with a blue fine shimmer, but I would still consider this to have a crème formula.  The shimmer brings a brightness to the blue.  It is like a blue sky after the rain on a Spring day.  This was a little sheer on the first coats but I did two coats for the photos.  It applied nicely.


Tidy Touch


Tidy Touch is a salmon pink crème.  This is also a muted color, like a coral hibiscus flower.  This was also almost opaque in one coat, but I did two coats for the photo.  This also applied nice and creamy.


Very Berry Clean


Very Berry Clean is a warm-toned purple.  This is the deepest of the colors in this collection.  This looks like a purple hyacinth flower.  This was a one coater, but I did do two coats for the photos.  It applied nicely and was creamy to work with.


My Thoughts


I like this collection.  The color story suits the springtime.  The colors look like flowers in a garden on a warm spring day.  They all applied nicely, which is not a surprise as Morgan Taylor formulas are nice to work with.  You can pick up any of these colors or the whole collection from my store Morgan Taylor Lace Is More.

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