China Glaze Mystic Bloom Spring 2022 Collection Swatch and Review

Hello nail art enthusiasts!  It’s been a bit since I’ve posted.  I’ve been waiting to get my hands on the spring collections.  I finally got the China Glaze Mystic Bloom Collection for Spring 2022.  To be honest I’ve had mixed thoughts on the collections that are coming out.  I prefer crèmes and glitters and I’m not one for shimmers and metallics.  So I was hesitant when I saw the colors in this lineup.  Read below to see my thoughts on this collection.



Bloominescence is first up in this collection.  This is a deep purple with blue and fuchsia micro glitters.  The formula was easy to work with and it dries matte.  Bloominescence is a pretty color especially with top coat.  I would consider this more of a fine glitter formula than a shimmer.  This is two coats in the swatch photo.  This is one of my favorite colors from this collection.




Bloomphoria is a sheer medium purple base with a bright green shimmer/pearl running throughout.  With the color of the green shimmer, this would easily fit into a fall or Halloween collection.  It is also a duochrome with the way it shifts.  This is a pretty color but it is sheer.  It took 3 coats for the swatch photo.


Fairytale Bliss


Fairytale Bliss is a bright coral pink base with pink and golden micro flakes.  This is another color that I would say is a fine glitter rather than a shimmer.  The micro flakes help give this color dimension.  This is another standout for me.  The swatch photo is shown with 3 coats.


Instant Sparks


Instant Sparks is a coppery brown base with silver and holographic micro flakes.  The base is kind of sheer but it built up nicely.  The holographic flakes are a nice addition to this color.  I think without the micro flakes, the color wouldn’t be as memorable.  The swatch photo is 3 coats.


Mystic Dawn


Mystic Dawn is a sheer caramel brown base with an indigo blue shimmer.  This was a super sheer shimmer.  The shimmer is pretty, but with my skin tone, this color just doesn’t suit my fancy.  The swatch is shown with 3 coats.


Planted & Enchanted


Planted & Enchanted is a medium green shimmer/pearl base with a blue shimmer.  This is also a duochrome that shifts from green to blue depending on how the light hits the nails.  Sometimes formulas like these can show brush strokes, but this formula doesn’t.  This was opaque in 2 coats, which is what the swatch photo is.


Pretty As A Petal


Pretty As A Petal is a light peach-pink base with a fine white/silver pearl.  This is a frost that dries matte.  The formula was thicker than typical, but it didn’t make it too difficult to work with.  I only needed 2 coats for the swatch, and I did apply a shiny top coat.


Secret Rendez-Blue


Secret Rendez-Blue has a sheer blue-green base with indigo and pink micro glitters.  This is such a pretty color.  It is my favorite out of the whole collection.  I just wish it wasn’t so sheer.  I did 4 coats for the swatch photo.  I also swatched 2 coats of Secret Rendez-Blue over 1 coat of DND Mermaid Blue and Walk On Water, both of which had a similar base color, as well as black.  This helped with the sheerness.


My Thoughts

I get excited with every new collection release.  No matter who the brand is that is releasing it.  However, I am partial to my crèmes and glitters so I was hesitant about liking this collection.  There are a few I did like.  Secret Rendez-Blue was my favorite, followed by Bloominescence and Fairytale Bliss.  Those are my favorites probably because they are like glitters.  The colors are just so pretty and “glow”.  For me, there are some passes on this collection also.  With my skin tone, Mystic Dawn just doesn’t look flattering, so for me personally, it was not my favorite.  Pretty As A Petal is a pretty color, but the formula just wasn’t one of my favorites.  Just because I don’t like these colors doesn’t mean they aren’t good, they just not for me.  You can buy one or all of the colors in this collection here.

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