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Hello nail art enthusiasts!  Have I got a bunch of stamping things for you today!  I’ve been testing out my multiple purchases of Clear Jelly Stamper products for awhile to see how they do before writing this review.  I have many different brands of stamping products, as I do like to have many options, however, Clear Jelly Stamper products are top notch.  They are a company based in Canada, and I received my orders super fast even though I chose standard shipping.  Keep reading to see what I’ve purchased and how the products performed for me.


The Packaging


The packaging is very nice.  The products came in a sturdy cardboard mailer box that has the Clear Jelly Stamper logo and colors on the inside.  All of the items were wrapped in tissue paper and bubble wrap if necessary.  The stampers came in a cute plastic package that made a bow on top.  The plates came with a plastic sleeve and then the blue protective plastic that you peel off of the plate.  The plate holders also came in plastic sleeves.  Everything I’ve received was always nicely packaged.


Plate Holders


I’ve ordered two plate holders so far.  I ordered a large plate holder in black and a medium plate holder in pink holo.  Both holders are constructed with vinyl and are pretty sturdy.  Both holders have snap enclosures which is nice because it allows enough room for the plate holder to be full and still close properly.  The large holder is for the 14.5×9.5cm plates and can house up to 20 plates.  The plastic sleeves on the large plate holder have a little opening at the bottom that I use to push the plate out enough so that I can grab it from the top without stretching the sleeve.  That saves wear and tear on the sleeves.  The large plate holder also holds other brand plates such as my Dixie, Uber Chic and Lina plates perfectly which is nice so that way I don’t have to have a different holder for every brand of plate.  The medium holder is for the 8x8cm plates and can house up to 32 plates.  There is no notch at the bottom of these sleeves.  The sleeve openings are on the spine side of the holder which can make getting plates in and out a little tricky without being rough.  The Clear Jelly Stamper plates fit wonderfully.  I also hold some other smaller round, square and small rectangle plates in here as well.


Sticky Pad and Mixing Marbles


Some other items I purchased were the Sticky Pad, the refills and the Mixing Marbles.  The Sticky Pad is 8x8cm and the book they come in is 9x9cm.  It is used to remove leftover polish from your stamper head, not only to clean it but to help keep it “sticky”.  Each pad comes with 50 sheets.  The pad works well, however, I do admit I typically find myself reaching for my lint roller more often.  I use my lint roller instead of a scraper to remove little bits before I stamp the image onto a nail, and trying to do that with the sticky pad would be difficult.  There are some people who have said that plain lint rollers seem to cloud their clear jelly stamper, whereas the sticky pad doesn’t.  I have not had this issue with my lint roller as of yet.  Either way, this pad is a great product to have in my nail art arsenal.  Next up are the Mixing Marbles.  Now these are a must for me!  I have several different brands of stamping polish and a majority of them do not have the beads in them to mix the polish.  I don’t use all of the color polishes I have all of the time, so when colors sit for awhile they begin to separate.  Mixing them can be time consuming without these beads.  I purchased two 100 piece containers.  I used one full container already and some of the second container.  I use two marbles per each stamping polish.  It just makes it easier and faster to mix the polishes that way.


Stampers and Scrapers

I purchased the Big Bling XL Stamper Clear,  and the Crystal Double Stamper with Bling.  Both of them came with a scraper.  I like the Big Bling stamper so much, I also ordered the Big Bling Replacement Jellies that come in a 2 pack.  The Big Bling comes with two clear jelly heads, two protective end caps and a scraper.  Both jelly heads are 4.5cm in diameter and the stamper is 6.5cm in height.  The jelly heads are squishy, but not too squishy.  They pick up the images well, and with the bottom of the stamper being open and the clear sides, it makes it super easy to see where you are placing an image on your nail.  The scraper that comes with both stampers is slightly smaller than a credit or bank card, measuring at 4.5×6.5cm and is sturdy but also flexes slightly.  It works great for scraping most images on a plate.  The Crystal Double Stamper come with two different sized jelly heads-2.5 and 3cm, two protective end caps, a coupling with crystal bling and a credit card style scraper.  The jelly heads for this stamper are still squishy but they are firmer than the Big Bling.  This stamper is great for picking up smaller images and still allows you to see where you are placing the images on the nail.  This stamper is also nice for smaller hands.  I ended up buying one for my nieces to use when they stamp.


The Polishes


Now on to the polishes.  The first polishes I purchased were the Black and White Sticky polishes.  When I purchased these, they only came in 5ml, now they only come in 10ml.  These are meant to be used with foils, pigments and chromes.  They have a longer drying time and are sticky so you can use them to add special effects to your stamping.  I purchased two of each color because I don’t want to run out!  I haven’t used them for foils yet so I can’t attest to how they work for that, but for chrome powders and pigments they work wonderfully!  I then purchased some metallic stamping polishes to fill in colors I didn’t have from other brands.  I got 037-Caribbean Dream which is a light teal metallic, 041-Sweet Baby Rose which is a dusty rose gold, 051-Bring on the Bubbly which is a light gold or champagne gold, and 063-Scarlet Letter which is a burgundy red metallic.  I believe all of the stamping polishes come in a 5ml or 10ml bottle, but I chose 5ml for all of my bottles.  It seems like it’s not a lot, but believe me guys they will last awhile.  Maybe some staple colors you would get in the larger 10ml bottles like black and white, but for most all other colors the 5ml should be plenty.  All of the polishes stamped beautifully.  They were all very pigmented and the colors are pretty.  I will definitely be purchasing more of their stamping polishes.


The Plates


Last but not least you guys are the plates.  They have 3 plate sizes to choose from, large 14.5×9.5cm, medium 8x8cm, and small 6x6cm.  I have only purchased the large and medium plates so far.  All of the plates I purchased are layering plates.  With layering plates you can create different layers with different colors to add depth and dimension to your stamped images.  In the top left picture I have Tropical CJS-38.  This large plate features tropical foliage and flowers.  The next large plate is Butterfly Wishes CJS-80.  This plate features butterflies of varying sizes and details, some words and some flowery swirls.  The third plate shown is Aloha! CJS-128.  On this large plate you have many Hawaiian themed images from water, sunrises/sunsets, ocean life, hula girls and foliage.  The top right picture is Sweet Swirls CJS-48.  This large plate has larger negative space images to be used underneath the swirls. The second plate is Elegant Swirl CJS-149.  On this large plate is swirls, flowers, and a swirly butterfly.  In the lower left picture is Patterned Holidays CJS-60.  This large plate has so many winter themed items from animals, trees, gnomes and trucks that can all have a pattern.  I used this plate in my Holiday Patterned Nail Design.  I really like this plate.  Also in this picture is Frosted CJS-144.  There are many snowflakes of varying sizes on this large plate.  It is one of my favorite for snowflake designs and I used it in my Pink and Gold Winter Nail Design.  Last but not least is the lower right picture.  There is Feeling Lucky? CJSH-50.  This is a medium plate with shamrocks, clovers and Irish themed designs.  The last plate is Oh Christmas Tree! CJSC-44.  This medium plate has trees in a variety of shapes and sizes.  You can also add lights!  This plate was used in my Red and Green Holiday Nail Design.  All of the images from these plates that I’ve tried stamped beautifully.  The plates are well etched and the backing is great.  I use pure acetone to clean my plates because some nail polish removers have oils in them which cause streaks on the plates.  The backing was not affected by the acetone.


My Final Thoughts


I really like every one of the products from Clear Jelly Stamper.  Even though I haven’t gotten much use out of the sticky pad yet, it is still a great item to have.  I absolutely love the plates.  They are a great quality with amazing images that stamp and transfer well.  I’ve used other brand stampers and polishes with the plates and not had any problems.  Depending on what I’m doing, I don’t always use the stamper because I don’t want to ruin it.  I have specific stampers that I use for chromes or pigments, because when you clean them, they get cloudy.  The mixing marbles are a definite must have for anyone that stamps.  For me the sticky polishes are also a must have.  The stamping polishes were very pigmented and stamped beautifully.  The plate holders are awesome and can house other brands of plates.  I will for sure be picking up more products from them to add to my nail stamping arsenal!!  Check out Clear Jelly Stamper and see what you can’t live without!



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