China Glaze Deserted Collection for Fall 2023 Swatch and Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  Fall is in full swing, although the weather where I live is still pretty warm.  It is the time of year where the fall collections for nail polishes are coming out and today I have China Glaze Deserted.  There are six pearl/shimmer colors that are definitely giving off the fall vibes.  They took their inspiration from the desert, as you can probably tell from the name of the collection.  Let’s jump in and see what I think about this Fall collection.




Alpenglow is a deep berry magenta pearl with a warm toned pearlescent shimmer.  This is a really pretty fall berry color.  The shimmer just brightens it a touch.  The formula on this polish is a little runny, but it didn’t make it difficult to work with.  Just be mindful of how much polish you load on your brush.  With the formula being a little thinner, I did do 3 coats for full coverage on this swatch.  Depending on your nail length and color, you may be able to do 2 coats for full opacity.


Bring the Heat


Bring the Heat is a warm toned red-orange metallic.  The orange color of this is a more reddish pumpkin orange color.  Again, perfect fall color in my opinion.  This can show some brush strokes, so be careful with application.  The formula was a little thinner on this one as well.  I did 3 coats for full opacity in this swatch photo.


Dunescape Sand


Dunescape Sand is a neutral beige with a warm toned gold shimmer.  This is a really nice neutral for the office with just a pop of shimmer.  I feel like this dries darker on the nail than in the bottle.  The formula is thinner on this one as well, but I only needed 2 coats for full opacity in the swatch photo.


Night Dunes


Night Dunes is an indigo blue with a blue and silver shimmer.  This is such a pretty color and one of my favorites of this collection.  For sure a night sky color.  The formula is a little thinner, but I didn’t have any issues with application.  I used 2 coats for full opacity in the swatch photo.


Sky of Lavender


Sky of Lavender is a dusty lilac with blue and silver shimmers.  This is another one of my favorites.  The shimmer just helps to give it a little oomph on the nail.  The formula again was a little thinner, but no issues with application.  I used 2 coats with careful application for full opacity in the swatch photo.


Twilight Desert


Twilight Desert is a deep eggplant purple with purple, pink, and silver shimmers.  I think this is going to be a favorite color for most in this collection.  It is one of my favorites!  The different color shimmers just add depth to this color.  The formula is thinner, but I used 2 coats with careful application for the swatch photo.


Final Thoughts


I really like this collection.  I think the color story is definitely fall.  Although I prefer crème formulas, I did like these.  My favorite colors were Night Dunes, Sky of Lavender, and Twilight Desert.  They have almost a glitter look on the nail but with a less textured feel and application.  All of the polish formulas in this collection were a little on the thinner side, so keep that in mind when applying.  Make sure not to load too much polish on the brush.  Are there any colors your wanting to add to your polish collection?  You can buy one or all from my store here China Glaze Deserted.

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