Born Pretty Stamping Polish Review-AC Series


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  I hope everyone is staying cool during this hot summer.  I’m staying inside, trying to get day to day chores done and working on nail related projects.  My current project is working on the Born Pretty Stamping Polishes.  This review is for the AC Series which you can purchase here.  There are seven 6ml stamping polish colors to choose from in this series.  Read on to see what I think about these polishes.


Pomegranate Red


Pomegranate Red is a pinkish red with a metallic shimmer to it.  The metallic shimmer shows up better over the black swatch.  Over the white swatch it definitely looks more hot pink than red.  This color looks good over both a black and white swatch.


Cosmos Bouquet


Cosmos Bouquet is a medium pink.  It stamped well over black and white.  Over black it did show a tad lighter than over white but it can still be seen pretty well.


Bright Yellow Sprouts


Bright Yellow Sprouts is a bright golden yellow.  This stamped well over both black and white.  Over the black it did turn just a hint of green and did lose pigmentation, so it’s not as bright yellow as it is over the white.


Tulip Celebration


Tulip Celebration is a medium orange.  It stamped well over both black and white.  This too lost some pigmentation over black so it was not as bright as it was over the white.


Lucky Clover


Lucky Clover is a light to medium bright green.  This stamped nicely over both the black and the white.  It did lose some pigmentation over the black just ever so slightly.


Ariel Mermaid


Ariel Mermaid is a medium aqua or turquoise.  It stamped well over both black and white.  Over the black it looks more of a blue toned aqua and over white it looks more of a green toned turquoise.


Candy Shannon


Candy Shannon is a light to medium blue toned purple.  This stamped well over both black and white.  Over the black you can see more of the blue tones coming out and more of the purple tones show over the white.


My Thoughts


These are 6ml bottles which is nice to start out with or to begin to build your stamping nail polish collection.  The lids were easy to hold while applying the polish to the stamping plates which is important.  I have a few of the earlier Born Pretty stamping polishes that came in a square shaped bottle and those were awkward to hold.  The formula is pretty good and maybe just a tad thinner compared to some other brands out there.  This may be why some of the colors seem to lose pigmentation over black.  I don’t typically stamp over black so it’s not as big of a deal for me.  Overall though, I do like these stamping polishes.  I think they are a good option to begin or build your collection.  With the low price point, they won’t break your bank to buy several at a time!  Don’t forget to grab some from my store here.  Comment below and let me know if you have some and what you think.

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