OPI Malibu Collection Summer 2021 Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  Summer weather has hit fast and hard where I live and the heat is intense!  A little trip to the beach to bask in cooler, sunny weather would be wonderful.  And speaking of beaches, I have a review of OPI’s Summer 2021 collection Malibu Beach.  There are 12 beautiful shades with six earthy colors and six vibrant colors, so there is a color for everyone to love.  As you may or may not already know, OPI is one of my favorite nail polish brands, so anytime a new collection comes out, I am eager to get it.  So let’s dive in and see my thoughts on these 12 polishes.


From Dusk til Dune

From Dusk til Dune is a sheer blush with a hint of pink that has iridescent micro flakes.  Depending on how the light catches the flakes, they look purple and blue.  I tried my best to catch them in my macro shot.  This color was not meant to be opaque, but for me, I did get it opaque in three coats.  This color reminds me of seashells and is really simple and pretty with just a touch of oomph.  The formula wasn’t too thick or thin and application was easy.


Coastal Sand-tuary

Coastal Sand-tuary is a light ivory beige crème.  The first coat was a bit sheer and streaky, so I applied a second coat.  I could still see some shadowing, so for the picture, I applied three coats.  You could probably get away with two coats if you’re careful and have shorter nails.  This formula did still apply nicely.  This would be a good background color for nail art or just a fresh crisp mani on its’ own.


El Mat-adoring You

El Mat-Adoring You is a warm toned light brown crème.  I do see some peachy undertones in this brown. I feel like with my skin tone this color kind of gets lost and blends in with my skin.  So while it may not be one of my favorites for my skin tone, it is still a beautiful color.  This applied in two creamy coats.


Endless Sun-ner

Endless Sun-ner is a burnt orange brown crème.  This is a very warm toned brown that reminds me of wet clay.  I feel like this color is too warm toned for my skin but it’s still a nice color.  This also went on in two creamy coats.


Cliffside Karaoke

Cliffside Karaoke is a medium to dark chocolate brown crème with warm undertones.  This is my second favorite brown in this collection and it reminds me of the chocolate bars we use to make smores.  This applied in two creamy coats.


Bonfire Serenade

Bonfire Serenade is more of a medium milk chocolate brown crème.  This brown has more neutral to cool undertones.  This is my favorite brown in this collection and definitely reminds me of chocolate milk.  This went on in two creamy coats.


Marigolden Hour

Marigolden Hour is a warm golden yellow crème.  It’s a vibrant yellow that’s not too bright or too muted.  It’s like the glow of the warm sunny sun on the beach.  This polish was a little streaky and I used three coats to even everything out for the picture.  With careful application, I think you could get this in two coats on shorter nails.


PCH Love Song

PCH Love Song is a medium orange with a golden shimmer.  The shimmer really adds some punch to this orange.  You can see a little bit of brush strokes in the finish, but with careful application you’ll minimize them.  This was opaque for me in two coats.


Strawberry Waves Forever

Strawberry Waves Forever is a slightly sheer red base with fuchsia micro glitter which gives the polish more of a hot pink vibe.  Even though the base was on the sheer-er side, I still got full coverage in two coats.  Again I think that with the glitter in this polish, it gives it just a little something so that it’s not just another pink crème polish.


The Sound of Vibrance

The Sound of Vibrance is a warm toned purple with blue pearl and fuchsia micro flecks.  I tried my best to capture both the shimmer and the flecks in the macro shot.  Another polish where the shimmer and flecks just add to the color.  The first coat was a tad streaky, but it evened in and was opaque in two coats.


Pear-adise Cove

Pear-adise Cove is a medium warm toned green crème that isn’t too light, bright or dark.  The name really suits the color as it reminds me of a juicy green pear.  I must say that I was quite surprised that this turned out to be my favorite color out of this collection.  I think because I don’t have anything comparable in my nail polish collection and it just stood out to me.  This was opaque in two coats.


Mali-blue Shore

Mali-blue Shore is a bright medium cerulean blue crème.  This blue looks like the crystal clear blue waters that you see in a tropical oasis picture.  It was nice and opaque in two creamy coats.


My Thoughts

It’s no secret I love OPI, so I’m always excited to check out their collections.  I love their brush as it makes application on my nails easier with less brush strokes.  This collection had earthy and vibrant shades, so I think anyone will find a shade they love.  My favorite of the nude shades is Bonfire Serenade.  It had more of a neutral/cool tone to it which appeals to me more.  From the vibrant colors my favorite is Pear-adise Cove.  I just don’t have a green like it in my existing collection.  All of the polishes were easy to work with but I tend to stick to the ones with two coat applications.  See any you just can’t live without?  Pick them up at our store here or select from my favorites below.

My Top OPI Malibu Collection Colors:

: Bonfire Serenade


: Cliffside Karaoke


: Mali-blue Shore


: Pear-adise Cove


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