TwinkledT Glamour Mat Review


My Review of the TwinkledT Glamour Mat

My hubby actually bought this for me for my birthday.  You can purchase it here “TwinkledT Glamour Mat“.  I’ve had about 2 months to use it.  I’ll admit I haven’t used it in every aspect it was designed for, but I’ve used it for how it best suits me.  It’s made with USDA food grade silicone.  The mat measures 12″x16”.


  • Indented Holes-The 13 holes in the top left corner are meant to hold polish or paints. I have not done any painting or dotting yet.  When I do, I will be using those holes.  For now, I place my bottles on it to keep them from moving around and if there are any splashes, it just goes on the mat.
  • Acetone/Water Cup-The cup is in the top right corner and can stay collapsed to hold acetone or popped up to hold water.  I use it to hold my dirty cotton pads while I’m stamping my nails.  I don’t have a trash bin right next to me so that cup comes in handy.  I’ve also used it to hold my brushes while I’m using potted gels or hand drawing designs and switching between brushes.  The cup is tall enough that the brushes don’t fall out.
  • Anti-slip-The mat doesn’t move around on my work surface.  I don’t have issues with items on the mat moving.  Stamping plates stayed put while I scraped polish and cleaned them off.  I use this mat when I’m applying powders or glitters and they stay on the mat.
  • Stain Resistant-I haven’t had any issues with staining so far.  The closest thing to a “stain” that I got was from the Black Mirror powder.  It just took 2-3 times of using acetone on a cotton pad to get it off.  I have used many colors of regular nail polishes and gel polishes on this mat and I have not had any staining issues.
  • Nails & Boxes-There are 3 black and 3 white rectangle boxes on the left side of the mat and 6 color rectangles on the right side of the mat that are the same size as TwinkledT’s nail vinyls.  These rectangles are meant to make nail vinyl designs without having to place them on your nail.  I think this is smart because the nail vinyls are flat.  Since most peoples nails have some curve to them, laying vinyls down on the nails with no gaps can be challenging.  Using the mat, you can make your design then peel it off and place it on your nail for a more custom fit.  There are 10 white and 10 black fingernails to also put designs on.  I use these for testing out stamping plates and polishes.

My Thoughts

BUY THIS MAT!!!!!  I use this mat every time I am doing something with my nails.  I use it when filing because the dust stays mostly on the mat.  With things like nail file dust, I use a little bit of dish soap and rinse with warm water to get the dust off.  I highly recommend having this mat when using any kind of nail powder or glitter.  Any powder or glitter that I have used comes right up with acetone and a cotton pad.  Since I don’t have a permanent work space, I roll this mat in half to store it.  I don’t have any problems with it laying flat after being stored.  I don’t think I have a single negative thing to say about this mat!

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