OPI-Hollywood Collection Spring 2021

Hello nail art enthusiasts!  OPI has just released their spring 2021 collection called Hollywood.   It’s no secret that I love OPI nail lacquer, so I was excited to pick it up and swatch the colors.  I’m sure you guys are excited and curious too.  The collection has 12 colors, mostly crèmes.  There are some neutrals, some color, and some muted beauties.  Stay tuned for the swatches and my thoughts on this collection.


Movie Buff

So I’m starting with the lightest color and moving to the deeper shades.  The first color is called Movie Buff.  This crème is a pale nude with a little hint of peachy pink tones to it.  It was a little streaky on the 1st coat, but the 2nd coat evened out and was fully opaque for me.  This is a good transition color into spring.  I love colors like this, so it was one of my favorites.


Bee-hind the Scenes

I would describe Bee-hind the Scenes as a muted pastel yellow crème.  It’s not as bright as typical pastel yellows.  It was a little streaky on the 1st coat as most yellows and pastel colors can be, but I floated the 2nd coat and it was opaque.


Hollywood & Vibe

I love pinks so this is my favorite color out of this collection.  Hollywood & Vibe is a light cool-toned baby pink crème.  I was hoping it would be a dupe or a replacement for the original Mod About You.  Although this is a beautiful color, it was not a dupe for Mod About You.  The 1st coat was just a tad streaky, but the 2nd coat went on smoothly and was opaque.


I’m an Extra

I’m an Extra is a medium rosey-peach neutral crème.  This is a beautiful creamy nude.  It is a good color to wear as a transition color into spring as well.  I think this would suit multiple skin tones and it has just the right amount of pink in it.  This went on smoothly and was opaque for me in 2 coats.


Suzi Calls the Paparazzi

Suzi Calls the Paparazzi is a rosey pink neutral crème.  This has much more pink than I’m an Extra.  When you have them side by side, you can see the difference in the colors.  This color was opaque in 2 creamy coats, and was another one of my favorites.


Destined to be a Legend

Destined to be a Legend is a muted gray-blue crème.  This is a color that isn’t typically seen in springs collections, but I think it’s a welcomed addition.  This and Bee-hind the Scenes together would make for a pretty manicure.  The 1st coat was a little sheer and streaky, but the 2nd coat went on nicely and was opaque.


Oh You Sing, Dance, Act and Produce?

Oh You Sing, Dance, Act and Produce? is a dusty blue crème with purple undertones.  This was so nice to apply that it may be a 1 coater for those who have short nails.  I needed 2 coats for it to be fully opaque for my longer nails.  I think this color will be a popular one.


Rated Pea-G

Rated Pea-G is a muted medium green crème with maybe just a hint of blue when compared to other greens.  This was also pretty pigmented, so those with short nails could probably just do 1 coat.  It was opaque for me in 2 coats.  This would be a good option for nail art since it is so pigmented.


Award for Best Nails goes to…

Award for Best Nails goes to… is a deep blue crelly.  Although OPI classifies it as a crème, it is definitely in between a crème and a jelly.  After 2 coats (picture on left), I still had visible nail line.  I applied a 3rd coat, (picture on right), and just barely had any visible nail line.


I’m Really an Actress

I’m Really an Actress is a berry red pearl with holo micro flakes.  It is still a smooth formula since the holo flakes are so small.  The 1st coat is a little sheer, but it built up nicely and was opaque for me in 2 coats.  If you were to mix the base colors of 15 Minutes of Flame and Emmy, you would get the base color of I’m Really an Actress.  I do think this one with be a hit with people as well since it stands out from the rest of the collection.


15 Minutes of Flame

15 Minutes of Flame is a fuschia shimmer.  I was careful in my application to avoid any unnecessary brush strokes that you can get with this type of finish.  It was opaque for me in 2 coats.  After adding a top coat, this color really pops out at you.


Emmy, have you seen Oscar?

Emmy, have you seen Oscar? is a bright fiery red which is a little more warm toned.  OPI really knows how to do their reds.  The 1st coat was just a little sheer and almost had a crelly type formula.  However, this was opaque for me in 2 coats.


My Thoughts

As you can see, there is a wide array of colors to choose from in the Hollywood collection.  Whether you are going for pastels, neutrals, or muted colors.  I like that this collection wasn’t the typical spring colors of mostly pastels.  When the collections come out, we are technically still in winter time, so having the muted colors in this collection is nice.  All of the colors were easy to work with and OPI has one of my favorite brush applicators.  I am very pleased with this collection.  If you found this review helpful consider supporting our store where you can check out  the whole collection here.  Or check out my favorites below.

My Favorites from the OPI Hollywood Collection Colors:

: Movie Buff


: Hollywood & Vibe


: Suzi Calls the Paparazzi


: Destined to be a Legend


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