Fall Leaves Nail Design


This post is put out late but I really liked how these turned out and wanted to share it.  It was definitely a very “fall” nails look.  I wanted to incorporate some new nail art products I had purchased into a nail design.  Keep reading for how I achieved this look.

Getting started

Starting off, I filed the acrylic on my middle and ring fingers leaving just a thin layer.  I wanted to encapsulate the leaves in clear acrylic, so my layers needed to be thin.  Once I finished that, I buffed the surface to make it smooth and ready for gel polish.  I applied OPI Bondex to all of the nails.  I find using a product like this before applying gel polish really helps to extend the wear of the gel polish.  On the thumb, index, and pinky finger I applied 2 coats of OPI Kerry Blossom gel polish.  On the middle and ring finger I applied 2 coats of UR Sugar potted gel polish in White.

My next step was applying the leaves.  They are pretty thin foil type confetti.  I used Born Pretty nail glue that is uv/led curable.  I placed some down where I wanted the leaves, then set the leaves down in the gel glue.  There are other ways to do this same step, but I don’t have builder gel and I’m not super efficient in acrylic yet to use those mediums to set the leaves in.  Once I had the leaves placed I cured them in the lamp.  Next I used some flaky platinum gold pieces to fill in some area between the leaves.  The last step for this part was encapsulating the 2 nails with clear acrylic.

Once the acrylic was dry I filed, shaped and buffed the nail.   I stamped a leaf design on the thumb nail using gold polish.  Top coat was applied to all of my nails and finished with cuticle oil.  I really enjoyed creating this look.  The nails are so pretty in the sunlight.  Watch the short video below to see my trying to catch the colors of the leaves changing.

Products I used

  • OPI Bondex
  • OPI Kerry Blossom gel polish
  • UR Sugar potted gel in White
  • Born Pretty maple leaf sequins in #3
  • Born Pretty nail flakies in #9
  • Born Pretty uv/led nail glue
  • Young Nails core nail powder in clear
  • Maniology plate in M022
  • Essie Good As Gold polish
  • Le Chat Perfect Match top coat gel
  • Beauty Secrets cuticle oil


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