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Hello nail art enthusiasts!  I purchased more stamping polishes from Twinkled T and I was so excited to receive them.  I’ve had them for about 3 weeks, but I’ve been busy with family, so that affected my ability to do this review until now.  It was difficult to stop and take pictures first before just opening the package and diving right in to using and swatching them.  I did the “A Little Pop of Color” nail design using some of these new colors.  You can purchase the stamping polishes from Twinkled T’s website at “Twinkled T Stamping Polishes“.  Shipping was fast and easy.  Keep reading to see my review and thoughts on these polishes. For all swatches I used the same design and clear stamper so that way there would be no discrepancies.




As I said in my last review of the Twinkled T packaging, I enjoy it.  It’s pink and cute and not typically what I see when receiving nail mail.  All of the items were well packed.  There was a thank you card included in the package.  The boxes that the stamping polishes came in were the same cute and sturdy ones as before.  The colors just look so pretty.



First up is Tickled.  This is a lovely light pink with a hint of a peach undertone.  Depending on the lighting it can look a little on the pale coral side.  Over black it does become a little translucent but it still stamped nicely over both black and white.  Light pink is my favorite shade of pink so I’m sure I will be reaching for this one often.

Can’t Even


Second up is Can’t Even.  It is a medium toned bright pink.  This is another pink I know I’ll be reaching for often.  This color too became a little translucent over the black.  It did stamp nicely over black and white.



Third up is Bothered.  It is a hot neon pink.  This color was part of the Rainbow Stamping Polish Bundle that I purchased.  This color stamped nicely over both black and white.  It was just ever so slightly translucent over black.



Fourth up is Saucey.  This is a bright orange.  It reminds me of a macaroni and cheese color.  The polish was a bit gloopy and separated.  So I put just a bb(little metal ball) in it and shook it up.  After that the consistency was fine. It does appear more yellow over the black, but it stamped nicely over black and white.



Fifth up is Subtweet.  Is it a bright yellow.  Now I will admit this one surprised me.  Usually over black, yellows can look a bit more green than yellow, but this one didn’t do that.  I did also need to add a bb to the bottle and shake it up, but there were no problems with the formula.  It stamped wonderfully over both black and white.

No Filter


Sixth up is No Filter.  This is a bright neon green.  The picture just doesn’t show the neon like the naked eye sees.  The color did become a little muted over the black but it still stamped nicely over both black and white.



Seventh up is FriYay.  This is a pretty pastel blue.  I thought Subtweet surprised me but FriYay blew my mind.  As I picked up the image I thought “no way is this going to show up over black”.  Boy was I wrong!  It’s not as bright over black as it is over the white but it did stamp nicely.



Last but not least is Goals.  This is a medium to dark purple.  Typically darker colors have a harder time showing up over black but this purple was just fine.  This stamped nicely over both black and white.

My Thoughts

I really like these Twinkled T Stamping Polishes.  Two of the bottles came a little goopy but adding a bb and shaking it really well fixed the issue.  I ended up adding a bb to each bottle just to make it easier to mix in the future.  All of the colors are really nice and stamped well.  This week, I did try out a different stamper and a more flexible scraper to see if I could get better results with a few of the colors that were semi-translucent over the black.  I was more mindful of not scraping at too high of an angle which leaves less polish in the design.  This worked great and the colors showed up even better.  I will put a picture of the re-swatches below.  All in all I really love these stamping polishes.  If you are looking for some great stamping polishes and want to support an independent brand, I highly recommend Twinkled T!



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