Stamping Plate Review featuring Dixie and Lina Stamping Plates


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  I’m not super great at hand painted nail art, especially if I’m trying to do it on my dominant hand using my non-dominant hand.  That’s why stamping plates are such a great tool to have in your arsenal.  In this blog, I am reviewing plates by Dixie Girl and Lina Nail Art Supplies.  I purchased them from Lantern & Wren where you can get several brands of stamping plates in one order.  I like having a variety of plates to be able to choose from.  There are many different themes and I have yet to come across one brand that has every type of plate that I like.  The designs on these plates stood out to me and lots of designs went through my mind when I saw them.  Let’s jump in and get started.


Dixie Lots of Leaves


First up is the Dixie Lots of Leaves plate.  This plate measures 6 1/2 cm by 12 1/2 cm including the backing and 6 cm by 12 cm without the backing.  The backing is acetone resistant.  I prefer using acetone to clean my plates.  It works better for me than regular nail polish remover as it removes everything without leaving any residue.  Some regular nail polish removers leave a residue on the plates, but acetone doesn’t.  As the name of the plate suggests, this is full of different types of leaves and greenery to use in designs.  The plates are etched nicely, so picking up images was easy and they transferred smoothly.  I am pleased to add this plate to my collection and incorporate it into some designs.


Dixie Tropical Paradise


Next up is Dixie Tropical Paradise.  One of the first things that caught my eye with this plate is that it’s a lot of the images are layering images.  This makes it more customizable when it comes to personalizing images.  You stamp down your first image layer in one color, and then stamp the next image layer in another color.  Although this plate has no plastic backing, I didn’t find the edges to be sharp.   The plate measures 9.5cm by 14.5cm and has a combination of “full” coverage nail images and smaller nail images.  The full size nail images are 2cm by 2.5cm.  I had no issues with transferring the images as the etching was good.  The tropical designs you can make with this plate are almost endless, from beach sunsets, to flowers, to ocean life.  This will be a fun plate to play with.


Lina Twirls & Swirls


Finally, we have the Lina Twirls & Swirls 01 plate.  This plate measures 9.5cm by 14.5cm and doesn’t have a plastic backing.  However, it does have a decorative covering on the back that keeps the edges from being sharp and it is acetone resistant.  Twirls & Swirls is a combination plate with layering and non-layering images, as well as full coverage and smaller images.  The full size images are 1.7cm by 2.2cm.  This plate is more elegant or feminine with the whimsical swirls.  I have to admit, the larger negative space images are harder for me to pick up.  The best way for me to pick them up I found, was to use a flexible scraper almost level with the plate and scrape gently.  Picking up those images will take some more practice.  The etching on this plate is nice as well as the details and intricacies of the images.


My Thoughts

I really like adding stamping plates to my collection.  As I stated earlier, I’m not the best at free hand art on my dominant hand so stamping plates work great for me.  I like having a variety of styles to choose from so I am not brand loyal when it comes to plates.  If I like the images on a plate, I will buy it no matter the brand.  All three of these plates are really good and I’m delighted to use them.  I think that any nail art enthusiast should have some stamping plates in their tool kit.  Although these particular plates aren’t for sale in our store, you can check out the nail stamping products we do carry.  Enjoy creating!  Comment below on what your favorite stamping plates are.

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