China Glaze Dippin’ Dots Collection Swatch and Review


Hello nail art enthusiasts!  Things have been hot around here with summer in full swing where I’m at.  Temperatures are high and we’ve been staying inside to avoid the heat.  So let’s cool things down with the China Glaze Dippin’ Dots® Collection!  There are 6 new shades that are bright, colorful and evoke the feel of the Dippin’ Dots® ice cream.  There are 3 shimmers, 2 glitters and 1 crème in this collection.  So let’s scoop right in and see what I think.


Arctic Confetti


Arctic Confetti is a milky white base (although mine is tinted slightly pink probably from the glitters) with multiple size hexagonal matte glitters that are orange, pink, purple, blue and lime green.  Depending on the length and color of your nails, you should get full coverage in 2-3 coats.  The photo is 2 coats full coverage.  I also used 2 coats of Seche Vite, as the polish is bumpy from the glitters.  This by far is my favorite polish in the collection.  The formula is a tad thick, but it wasn’t too difficult to work with.


Blue Raspberry Ice


Blue Raspberry Ice is a bright medium blue crème.  This is the only crème in this collection.  It applied smoothly and was opaque in 2 coats.  China Glaze describes this as a neon, but I would say it’s bright and not quite a neon.


Frosty Lime


Frosty Lime is a neon lime green with a silver tinsel shimmer.  The formula was thicker than the crème, but it was still pretty easy to work with.  It was a little sheer, but the shimmer helps it to build up nicely.  I did 3 coats for the photo, as 2 coats just didn’t look lime enough to me.


Lemon Ice


Lemon Ice is a neon yellow with the same silver tinsel shimmer.  This had the same formula as Frosty Lime, so it wasn’t too difficult to work with.  It also is a little sheer, but built up nicely as well.  I also did 3 coats for the photo to really make the yellow saturated.


Rainbow Ice


Rainbow Ice is a topper that has a clear base with multiple sized hexagonal and circular matte glitters in green, orange, blue, white, pink and yellow.  This was my least favorite polish in this collection because while it looks like there are a ton of glitters, they just don’t transfer to the nail.  In my opinion, this would definitely need to be sponged on or use glitter placement.  The smaller glitters come out easily, but the larger glitters you really have to fish for.  I did 2 coats plus some glitter placement over Blue Raspberry Ice for the photo.


Strawberry Chillin


Strawberry Chillin is a hot neon pink with a silver shimmer.  This has the same formula as Frosty Lime and Lemon Ice, so while it wasn’t as smooth as Blue Raspberry Ice, it wasn’t difficult to work with.  This was the most opaque of these formulas and I only needed 2 coats for the photo.


My Thoughts

I definitely like this collection.  I really think it captures the ice cream.  My favorite polish by far is Arctic Confetti.  It’s the most visually appealing for me and looks good on the nails.  Blue Raspberry Ice, Frosty Lime, Lemon Ice and Strawberry Chillin all come in next and I like how they play into the color story.  Rainbow Ice was my least favorite due to it being base coat heavy and the glitters just do not transfer to the nail well.  I had to “drain” a lot of the clear polish before applying it to the nails to get the most glitters and then I had to do some glitter placement because the larger glitters just did not want to come out.  All in all, this collection is a win in my book.  You can grab one or grab them all on my website.  Shop China Glaze Dippin’ Dots

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