About Me

My name is Jenae and I’m addicted to nail polish and all things nail art.  I’m a DIY’er who enjoys the creativity of nail design.  There’s something relaxing and rewarding about creating looks on nails.  I’ve always enjoyed doing my nails since I was young.  It all started with the Lee Press On Nails that came with the peel sticky tabs to keep those plastic beauties on.  I loved putting them on then tapping my nails on any surface to make noise.  My sister and I would talk with our hands to show them off.  But sadly they didn’t stay on long and soon we’d find plastic finger nails in odd places where they’d fallen off.

I started with a few polish colors and nail stickers to decorate my fingers.  That then turned into my nail art collection it is today with a plethora of nail design items.  I wouldn’t say I’m brand loyal but my favorite polish is OPI.  I love their colors and names, the formula and the brush. My favorite color for my own nails is pink. Pale pink, bright pink, neon pink, I love it all.  My favorite color is the original formula of Mod About You from OPI.  It’s a milky pale pink that I absolutely fell in love with and have tried many other brands with similar colors and nothing compares.

I hope you enjoy my content and find some useful information.  If you have any questions or want to send me a message you can email me at jenae@jenaesnails.com